Anna Clendening – Anxiety (Lyrics)

Anna Clendening – Anxiety (Lyrics)



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  1. A- A pain
    N- Not happiness
    X- Xylophones dont play happy tunes
    I- I hate it
    E- Everything seems bad
    T- Terrible Times
    Y- Yes it SUCKS

    But you can get through it ❤️😊🥰😘

  2. To whom ever doesn’t know what an anxiety attack is or doesn’t know what it feels like this explains it almost perfectly. Who agrees?

  3. Whenever somebody asks how I’m doing I say good not even realizing that I’m not doing good . My anxiety makes everything so hard. I have so many insecurities that stop me from being me. And I have other things that make my days ruined

  4. hurt

    getting peer-presure
    and it hurts 24/7

  5. I can’t describe how terrifying it is to have anxiety and panic attacks. I developed panic disorder and had panic attacks every day, it controlled my whole life and everything came to a halt. I tried to sleep as much as I could because then I wouldn’t have to be awake. I wanted to die so bad because I was so done I couldn’t handle this horrifying feeling happening 24/7 anymore. At least with physical illness someone can help, but no one can save you from your own mind.

  6. To everyone who has been feeling some existential anxiety, I hope it gets better…love you all <3
    People don’t seem to talk about existential anxiety / existential crisis.

  7. currently having a panic attack for no reason so i looked up songs abt anxiety and this is what came up. does anyone else have panic attacks for unknown reasons and then invalidate themselves saying that i dont have any real problems bc i do that every day

  8. Current anxiety: oral cancer from too much drinking (I drink once a week)
    In the mean time enjoy thoughts of your fiance cheating, your mother's house being broken into, your family hating you, your doctor thinking your a burden, and a your boss who gave you extra hours for being his top employee getting ready to fire you.

    Have fun kids!

  9. It just keeps chasing, it doesn't stop
    Even when you trip
    It just hits you in the stomach
    It makes ya crazy
    It's anxiety.
    Welcome to the world, kid
    Demons knockin' on my brain
    I mean it's in my veins
    My thoughts racin' in a circle like a toy train..
    Welcome to the world, kid.

  10. I had an inhaler for my anxiety. I also grew out of asthma. And my dad just saw my inhaler and took it away. I’m having too many anxiety attacks to where I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Bc I rely on that inhaler to help my anxiety.

  11. I’m 13 I was diagnosed by a doc a few days ago with anxiety. I had try to tell people for a while something was up but nobody listened. Now look where I’m at. “Pills and therapy bills,” that one really hits because that all that’s happening. I try to tell my mom I’m scared and don’t want to do stuff but all I get from people is, “quit being scared.” “Your faking it.” “Omg your so sensitive.” “Everyone has a little anxiety sometimes.” “I get how you feel.” Sometimes I wish I could shut the world out. Since I have been diagnosed I have had 2 anxiety attacks, scares me everyday to have another one..told my mom that and she said, “you’ll be fine Emma, stop worrying.” Thanks mom haven’t tried that! I’ll try that next time. 😐

  12. I was diagnosed with anxiety by family when I was about 8 (a year ago) and the worst things is that t was gone for a while and then just appeared again! Now I get stomach aches whenever I get anxiety and it's terrible!

  13. Ok pro tip no one asked for
    If you have a panic attack or anxiety attack don't fight it I repeat don't fight it
    It will only make it 10 times worse
    I tried once and had 3 long panic attacks within an hour with like 3 minutes breaks between them

  14. This is one of the most relatable songs i heard,i feel anxious right now…and i hope i will feel better soon…

  15. I had a panic attack today, and it was something I haven’t felt before. I’ve had attacks before but not that like. My bf and I were just constantly arguing, we stopped and made up, then he just has to joke and make everything feel like it’s back to square one. After that I just couldn’t breathe and had al these thoughts in my head, a major migraine, and a fast and sore beating heart and chest. I hate anxiety, I hate it with a passion, and as I continue to have it I hate myself.

  16. My friend Sophie has anxiety
    She sits at the back of class next to me and hardly ever talks
    If you ask if she's okay, and she nods, it's best to leave her alone because when she just nods usually it means she can handle her problems, but it's hard to get over it

    I wanna help her

    Any ideas??

  17. Parents: You're fine
    Teacher: Do your fucking homework
    Therapist: Take it easy
    Music: I'm here for you honey

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