Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) Supplement | The Longevity Key?

Dr David Sinclair, one of the leading researchers in the anti field just tweeted that Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) was shown in mice to extend lifespan by 10-16%. So let’s dive into the research, see what it shows, and if we should start supplementing with CaAKG.

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  1. Thanks for watching!
    Make sure to check out this video's description to see my full supplement stack

  2. The angle of view of a 70 year old female feeling healthspan going down might differ from your view about waiting. Thank you for your work and sharing information.

  3. Compressed morbidity is huge. I don't care if I live a super long life I just want to be able to be independent until I pass

  4. I take 2 grams of AKG-calcium everyday. And inject myself with 100 mg epitalon three times a Year

  5. SO is AKG as important as NMN? I 've started NMN last week for the first time 250 mg and I must say that I have more will for life. I feel less tired, I do more in day. I will like to try AKG. What do we know about side effects? I am 51 yo.

  6. Honestly I wish they’d do a study with Arginine AKG instead. It is much cheaper than the calcium version because it’s not so hyped up I guess but I’m inclined to think the arginine version would probably have the same benefits on longevity since your still getting the akg and who knows maybe the arginine version might even be superior to the calcium version. I remember this super expensive supplements like 10 years or more ago by this company called MRI it was called NO2 and it was like 80-160$ a bottle and it was expensive supposedly only because of its supposed revolutionary extended release formulation called actinos9 or something. But since it was definitely a high quality a-akg supplements with a supposedly excellent delayed delivery system even though it was useless for bodybuilding which is what it was marketed for maybe it might have been excellent for longevity.

  7. The difference is that Calcium alpha ketoglutarate releases AAKG more slowly and gradually (because of the added calcium). That's all.

  8. Unfortunately any studies carried out on AAKG are too short in duration and in small study size to discount it. Seems the dosages are also inconsistent although in most of the studies the dose is around 4g. This sounds alot. But I guess this was for acute usage only.

  9. Before it was NMN , Resveratrol, then ALA then now AKG.
    Until when you're enough to fooling people of your lies? BS!

  10. I’ve taken for a few months. I do have decreased pain due to lifting weights. My hands are fine and elbow that normally causes issues, nothing. I guess the true test will be if I increase weight in workout.

  11. another great video….thanks for diving through it with a fine tooth comb. This is very important with these miracle supplements.

  12. On discovery of the channel, I have binge-watched the back catalogue and can't get enough. I really appreciate the balanced and critical approach. This is my favourite channel on the subject. Very well scripted skirting that very fine balance between presenting the details but never going too deep for the casual viewer without that biochem degree and summarized so that the viewer learns efficiently. I could see this channel as form of practical guide how to orient yourself in the wider scientific discussion.

  13. LOL, I'm one of those gym junkies you talked about in another video arginine AKG is in most preworkout supplements these days for supposed nitric oxide effects. I've always seen it as hype more then anything else. Will rewatch the video

  14. Great you are spreading longevity information. I started taking 'Rejuvant' 3 weeks ago. Too early to comment on that.
    Thank You

  15. You can buy AKG in a supplement called Rejuvant. I might get that but in the new year I'm going to be doing both intermittent fasting and time restricted eating as well as keto so maybe I don't have to buy it? We'll see how disciplined I am.

  16. So the headline is "AKG extends lifespan by 10%-16%" but your video says "It does NOT increase lifespan" ???? Did i miss something here?

  17. For anyone interested, Rejuvant, a calcium alpha ketogluterate based supplement has just been tested on 42 humans and their biological mean age was reduced by 8 years. I don't know if it's available for consumption yet though to the public,

  18. the rejuvant study just published (PMID: 34847066) may have enough data to justify an update to this video.

  19. Follow the Hibernation method for longetivy EAT, Eat ! Eat ! Then Sleep ,Sleep Sleep!! 🤪

  20. Mice got it made in this world ! Some pepo create chemicals to kill them and make traps to do the same then there's pepo that keep finding ways to extend their lives ! Hmmm think I'll start eating cheese and grow whiskers and look up Dr.Sinckair ! 🤪 M..I .C…..K..E..Y…….Mmmm.! .oh ! YOU ! es..Sea..!! Mickey mouse ! Mickey mouse ! 🐭🐭🐭🐭🐀🐀🐀🐀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  21. Dr. Sinclair is good except for his view on eating meat. But then that is not his field of research.

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