A Supplement That Creates a ‘Fruity’ Smell ‘Down There’?

Can a supplement help your vagina smell “fruity”? OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry weighs in on a product that claims to make the vagina smell like fruit.

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  1. I think it's really important to educate ourselves on halitosis – what it does to the body – what to do if you have it, and how to prevent it. contact dr.oyalo for natural cure on his channel. i got cured with his remedy.

  2. Maybe it's me but I felt like the men on this part of the segment were mad uncomfortable and instead of them giggling, cracking jokes, and making light of everything maybe we could've gotten questions from the audience or more tips on what to eat and not to eat. I didn't watch the entire episode so idk how it all flowed from beginning to end but, Dr.Landry could've fully carried/ lead this topic.

  3. These people don't know what they're talking about.
    The reason why the vagina stinks is because it is too acidic, you need to balance your ph level, chlorophlly helps, drinking alkaline water or taking baking soda pills helps too, baking soda works with stinky breath and ibs, anything acidic is bad, everything needs to be balanced, stinky armpits is acidic, to combat this baking soda helps, apple cider vinegar will kill the body odor bacteria but it is too acidic, you need to apply baking soda mask afterwards for a few days

  4. Literally, my Gyno was like if you smell like anything but a vagina then we gotta talk! Lol it’s supposed to have a light smell..nothin foul or tangy! Sheesh we gotta stop sharing & learn to love our vagina’s more!

  5. The monkey is supposed to have that gunpowder / pencil shavings / sweet BO kinda smell. It’s what it is and as a man I love it .

  6. I eat fruit daily and I can inform you that
    Melons (cantaloupe honey dew watermelon)
    Are the top ones that work most call out pineapples 🍍 I don’t eat them much but I’m sure they do help

  7. Try purchasing a salt stone. Kills bacteria while letting you sweat. The best method I've tried so far 👌🏾

  8. Actually upon eating strong tasting foods you should drink lots and lots of Water 💦 I noticed this when i ate tuna at subway with those loud banana peppers and I wasn't hydrated 🙈 let's just say you can tell lol but I figured it out stay hydrated PERIOD but now i don't worry about it I can eat whatever cause I'm super hydrated

  9. Or tell ur man to brush his teeth before he goes down there, it’s probably his damn stank breath he smelling and not ur cooch. Just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 wearing mask has been a real truth teller for oral hygiene. Some folks didn’t realize how nasty they breath smell until they were forced to smell it all day 🤣🤣🤣

  10. A vagina is not gonna smell just like fruit,eat 🍓🍒🍋🍈🍉🥝🍍and keep it fresh and water ,water water,Cranberry juice.Lady parts have a natrual smell.

  11. Can we not pressure or make a new social norm of having fruity smell down there. IT'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE A LITTLE SMELL

  12. One other important thing to add to this list is using a Bidet! I can't stress enough how this helped me so much to get rid of unpleasant vagina odor. I also use my Bidet to rinse away poop. I remembered when I had my babies the hospital supplied me with this plastic bottle with a nozzle attached and I was instructed to use this due to having stitches and unable to use toilet paper. I recently started using a bidet and sometimes I mix in a very tiny amount of white vinegar for extra freshness. It works! Ladies get yourself a Bidet bottle. You can also purchase this on Amazon. You can use a wash cloth or hand towel to dry yourself or whatever you prefer, this also helps to save you some coins on toilet paper. Try a Bidet, you have nothing to loose but unpleasant vagina odor.🦋

  13. I bought the supplement today b/c my body odor smells like all the food I’m eating. My 😻 is fine from what I’ve been told but my under arms and pores leak a mixture of every food I’ve eaten. Hoping it can fix that

  14. When I handle onions, not even eating them, within an hour my vagina smells like raw, fresh cut onion. For 2 days. It goes through my skin and immediately travels to my lady parts. I no longer cut onions without gloves, nor eat them if I'm planning to get hot and heavy in the next week.

  15. Just drink 100% pineapple 🍍 juice throughout the day …like buy some pineapples put them in the blender/juicer for let’s say a week and it does the same. Make sure to do that min. 1week prior to your periods

  16. There is nothing in this damn world that would make a vagina smell like a flower or fruit. Even if you were the healthiest female on this planet your vagina still won't smell like bouquet of flowers or a fruit salad. No way.

    Yes, the smell will be more pleasant compared to women who eat red meat and asparagus but it will never smell like anything but a vagina and that's completely normal.

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