9 Things Social Anxiety Makes Us Do

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is defined as an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. This fear can affect work, school, and other daily activities. Do you ever feel like all eyes are on you, just waiting for you to slip up or do something embarrassing? Do you always feel like this? It’s important to note that social anxiety is much more than shyness, as well; shyness is considered a normal facet of one’s personality, whereas social anxiety is not. If you suffer from social anxiety and want to learn more about that, here are some of the things social anxiety makes us do.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that this video is purely for educational and interest purposes and is not to be used to self-diagnose social anxiety. If you or somebody you know suspects that they may be suffering from social anxiety, get in touch with your doctor or mental health service to discuss your symptoms further.

Writer: Gabrielle LaFrank
Script Editor: Morgan Franz
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Marissa Rose
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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  1. When I am somewhere crowded I don’t know where to look at because if I look at people they will think I am awkward because I am looking at them, if I look at somewhere else it would be silly. Its just-

  2. I got 8/8 on the video with 8 signs you might have social anxiety and 8/9 with this video. You're telling me I should seek professional help, but I hate talking about feelings and emotions, so I just keep them for myself where they're safe and bring no harm. Any advice besides clichés and the fact that I should see a therapist?

    Btw I have never talked so much about feelings before this comment….ppl claim it feels good but all I feel is pure nothingness…

    just great

  3. This is like a video about me… I have selective mutism. I really like to learn more about this, ty for the video!

  4. Anyone else here an extrovert with social anxiety? Its horrible- like your fighting yourself 24/7. You want to talk to people extremely bad but just… can't.

  5. i was naturally shy even back then but now i'm so conscious of how i look even how i walk.. i'm so tired and frustrated idk what to do

  6. When I walk in the halls at my school, I always wear my headphones listening to music, and always look ahead, and I don't talk to people unless they go up to me and wave me down, or tap on me.

  7. One time I told my dad that I feared judgement almost every minute of school and he told me the worst answer possible . . .

    Just stop.

  8. Me: I made this necklace that I love, I should wear it to school
    Social anxiety: that looks stupid don’t wear that people are going to judge you

  9. I am lonely and I am comfortable only around my mother. I am very nervous in social activities too but I don't have any panic attack

  10. I was at my town's clinic and the lady at the desk made me so upset. She asked me why am I here and i looked at my mom to answer. I was very uncomfortable to talk to her and I am sure she could see. But she told me to answer and get up and go to her desk She started to talk about how my mom isn't going to always talk to me and how my mom will not always be there for me, she also told me I am to old to not talk to her( i was 17). I know it is a very important lesson and I know she was trying to help but over all it felt like a big punch to the face, my heart, and my stomach. I almost cied. I dont know if she knew or not but my dad already passed away so her saying that my mom wont always be here broguht up very uncomfortable feelings for me. She also made me feel bad for depending on my mom. I am never going back there. She made mei feel terrible because of my social anxiety. She really though she was helping me but it really didn't. I also really hate when people associate age with anxiety. It makes me feel like i am not getting better fast enough or something. Getting older is not going to jut make you anxiety dissappear. I can tell she doesn't undrstand anxiety and it makes me sad. She is going to have to deal with more people like me but she will just break their hearts too. ughhhh BTW me and my mom were the only patients there but still since I have social anxiety, talking around one lady was still alot. Thank goodness she didn't embarrass me in front of other people.

  11. Teacher: “how about you present next”

    Me: don’t cry they will judge you… don’t cry…* literally starts full on ugly crying and overthinks my whole existence*

  12. Sometimes my social anxiety does the opposite of what it's "supposed to do" like once at this week-long summer camp I had to go to, which was already terrifying to begin with, I had to introduce myself through a microphone on a little ledge thing to what felt like, 300 people. You would think I would just refuse to do it, end of story. But no… no no no….

    I wrote my little introduction ("Hi my name is oreo and I would like to complete goal by the end of this week") like everyone did thinking I could get away with refusing last second but when it was my turn I said "No i don't want to, I can't" and my camp counselor was just silently cheering me on so I felt bad and didn't know what to do, eventually in fear I would be judged for being a downer or being stupid and not just going up and speaking, I went up trembling like crazy and said "Hi, i'm oreo and by the end of the week I wanna be less shy…" and utter silence followed and i was so confused and scared so i repeated myself "I wanna be less shy…" and still silence and I didn't know what was wrong I was about to cry and then I realized what your supposed to say after you say you goal in order to get them to react.. "Do you support me"… so I quickly said "Oh do you support me" and everyone was like "We support you!" (they are supposed to say that nothing special) and I got down needing a newly dug grave and a blanket

  13. Me: eating at a restaurant/fast food place

    My mind: everyone is watching you and judging u cus you eat food differently to others

  14. Me when I'm around my friends: confident
    Me when a teacher approaches me: dead silence – even when they try to talk to me, they will either get a nod or a shake for no 😂

  15. My social anxiety is so bad that I have gotten into the habit of judging others for things that aren't really that bad just to justify my own paranoid delusions. Trying to break this habit, and I wonder if anyone else has this problem too?

  16. 1. That always happen to me and when i get into the right room everyone is already there and stare at me, oh my- i could feel my heart's racing like they must be thinking "heh, he's so slow"

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