8 Things People with Anxiety Want You to Know

Do you know what anxiety is? Or what it might feel like to have it?
Even if you answered no, it’s still important for us to educate ourselves and raise awareness about anxiety and other mental illnesses. And if you have someone in your life who you think might be struggling with feelings of anxiety, then it would do you a lot of good to learn more about what it’s like to live with anxiety so you can help eliminate the stigma against it and be there for them in the way that they need.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional guidance, advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

Writer: Chloe Avenasa
Script Editor: Vanessa Tao
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Zuzia IG @zuzia.png
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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  1. Psych2Go is about raising mental health awareness. If you're open to sharing, comment below the mental illness you think you might be suffering from, so this helps others feel more comfortable too opening up.

  2. I'm having anxiety on trying to find myself before I change the species of my fursona and unsure on what animal is more suiting in any way…
    I ended up cutting back of being a cat because I got scared of the feral flaws… Then thought about how a dragon can be much better but now I just can't feel anything but to cry everytime I talk…

  3. I m suffering from anxiety since 6 month but no one here to solve my problems … I feel so scared i can't control this pain I don't know how to deal with this😭😭😭😭

  4. Someone close to me has schizophrenia, which often presents as misdirected anxiety (this is true for myself too, though my diagnosis is different). I was just listening to him yelling at some friends, not because he's mad at them, but because he's upset about an unrelated situation, and I was so grateful to be watching this video in another room. Psych2Go helps me deal with "normal" stressors, with better understanding rather than anxiety. Wow!

  5. I was at my town's clinic and the lady at the desk made me so upset. She asked me why am I here and i looked at my mom to answer. I was very uncomfortable to talk to her and I am sure she could see. But she told me to answer and get up and go to her desk She started to talk about how my mom isn't going to always talk to me and how my mom will not always be there for me, she also told me I am to old to not talk to her( i was 17). I know it is a very important lesson and I know she was trying to help but over all it felt like a big punch to the face, my heart, and my stomach. I almost cied. I dont know if she knew or not but my dad already passed away so her saying that my mom wont always be here broguht up very uncomfortable feelings for me. She also made me feel bad for depending on my mom. I am never going back there. She made mei feel terrible because of my social anxiety. She really though she was helping me but it really didn't. I also really hate when people associate age with anxiety. It makes me feel like i am not getting better fast enough or something. Getting older is not going to jut make you anxiety dissappear. I can tell she doesn't undrstand anxiety and it makes me sad. She is going to have to deal with more people like me but she will just break their hearts too. ughhhh BTW me and my mom were the only patients there but still since I have social anxiety, talking around one lady was still alot. Thank goodness she didn't embarrass me in front of other people.

  6. Thank you for making this,hearing someone speak for those of us with anxiety disorder as reassuring and hopeful

  7. I'll have a few good days and randomly i will get triggered by things and i do try things that will help calm me down because i also tend to overthink too which doesn't make it easier but im getting better at handling it as time goes on and everyone's journey is different.
    Everything will be okay 💕

  8. Interesting video! It’s good to know that we are more than our anxiety. Sometimes (like last night) I have breakdowns thinking about stuff I don’t even know will happen yet because it scares me. I also had anxiety about school. My parents tell me to focus on where I am right now though. It helps but…I wish I never had anxiety.

  9. Anyone else have panic attacks because of anxiety? I hate them, luckily they usually come up when I'm talking about feelings with friends, where my friends can help me calm down and help me to keep it from happening. Or when I'm alone and I can just sit down and stop thinking, which reduces the stress and also helps me calm down. For me I either have to get the large amounts of nervous energy out by doing multiple things at the same time, like talking to multiple people at the same time or watching YouTube while doing Nitro Type, or I have to focus on something less stressful and not move a muscle, to keep myself from escalating the situation further. Can anyone else relate?

  10. I know all my mental illness and disabilities can’t be fixed there’s no cure. I wish there was a cure for my anxiety but there isn’t.

  11. My old boyfriend mainly broke up with me because I had anxiety, because sometimes I would fear losing him, and he didn’t understand that I can’t help it. People should really be aware of anxiety.

  12. I might not be able to "fix" it but you can bet I'm going to put up a good fight, I don't want it anymore I'm tired of it.

    I'll do my best to beat it to a pulp, I know there's only a few things I should be afraid of, and it got way too out of hand, it doesn't need to be so bad, I will fight it.

    Speaking of random anxiety though, this is true, a normal person would feel fear around certain things and people with anxiety would as well, but there's this certain place outside that sets off my anxiety like crazy it's so specific and so hard to understand, even I don't know what sets it off there, that's different from normal fear, that's how you know you have it if you somehow didn't know already.

  13. Do you ever feel like you can't fill up your lungs with air and your breath just stops there and you can't take a deep, enjoyable breath? Is that shortness of breath, cause I got it.

  14. My parent are very guilty with Number 1. I had therapy for a little while for my anxiety. The therapist sucked and told me it’s all in my head since I didn’t have any of the symptoms anymore after a few weeks. My parent stopped therapy and said “I was cured of it”.

  15. I think these statements are very important to know, I hope this video gets to people who need to know these things and help open their point of view a little.

  16. I have severe anxiety(I think it's severe, it's definitely serious though) and depression. I really wish I could send this video to my friends, but we don't really like talking about stuff like this. But yeah, they do a lot of these things and it's sometimes really annoying when they say "Just do something you love, it'll be better then!" because no, it really won't. Maybe it'll make the anxiousness go away temporarily, but it definitely won't just "fix" my anxiety. I don't want to be mean to them though so I never point this out.

  17. Just remember, if you're struggling with any sort of negative mental health, it is not you ! Some days, I can barely breathe in the morning because I'm nervous for the day. Then I get myself up, and no, not everyday is perfect. It's ok to be nervous! But should you ever feel your anxiety or other negative thoughts surrounding you, I'd suggest simply excusing yourself to the washroom, taking a deep breath, and think about it. If it's a person making you upset, think of ways to avoid or reason with them. If it's a presentation, try going over the basics of it in your head. No one else knows how your feeling, so just go for it! If your in school, the absolute worse case scenario is some jerks decide to be that… jerks, but it doesnt mean what they say is true.
    So many more people are there for you.
    So don't let it define you, no matter how hard it seems, you CAN overcome it.
    Good luck!

  18. I'm diagnose with GAD, and panic attack, not sure in GAD, for about 2 years and counting I'm still suffering from anxiety and panic attacks trigger by everything but I still hope I would be living a life with much better feelings😊

  19. You can escape anxiety if the focus would be more on being useful to this world rather than letting anything scare you. I know how it is having anxiety and in my case the high level of stress, anemia and the messed up sleep schedule were the problems. First work on your physical health, take breaks often, avoid what you know they are triggers for a while and have patience. In my case it took me months to get well, and I used to have anxiety episodes before that too.
    Shortly, every mental illness has its own triggers that stimulate it. Try to identify them and force yourself to stop thinking about those stuff. You can list them if you want to. Also never overthink at night. Better write down on your notebook what you wanna think about, let the thoughts leave your head and tell yourself you’ll think ab it the next day. Sleeping is very important in recovery.
    ALSO pls be careful with what you eat. Eat healthier food. And do cores often bc it keeps your body and your mind focused and you will feel more useful. Do nice things to people, help them when they need you even tho it’s hard. The truth fulfillment isn’t from our inside but by loving and caring for others. Remember that ❤️

  20. @Psych2Go I used to be a rlly shy person and I didn't have many friends, and the friends I do have didn't really want to talk to me much, so then I started watching your videos ✨ and now I have more friends and I'm now talkative in class and my friends like to be around me because I used some of your psychological tricks, your videos have really helped me thank you 😊💫

  21. I suffer from this horrific mental illness often…and i have for all 21 years of my life so far, and I still don’t know what actually triggers it, because it’s probably a plethora of things. People tell me it’s all in my head and that I need to snap out of it, especially my family, who has a history of severe anxiety throughout the lineage. I have my ways of coping with the illness everyday, and it includes spending time with myself for a couple hours or even a day, a daily medication, and fast coping mechanisms that I’ll use throughout the day. And sometimes I’ll spend time with friends for a couple hours, and that seems to help me a lot. No one is in this fight alone, and everyone who suffers from this horrible illness should always have people to go to, and access to coping mechanisms. You don’t have to fight it alone.

  22. I think one of my friends has anxiety and I just want to try my best to help them as much as I can so thanks for uploading this video!

  23. Yes, these are very true. Sometimes, whenever people try to 'fix me' or say 'it's just in your head,'it increases that stuff! It makes me feel like I need to live up to those good standards like they're saying, even though it isn't possible in my current state. Also, putting people down about things that make them anxious isnt pog. Neither is forcing that anxiety inducing thing on them. Just… dont do it

  24. I do have it, and i can say for sure, it is random, and could trigger at any point. It could go from dropping a cup of water, having to preform in front of a large audience, to litterally trying to save someones life. All I want people to know is: Its real.

  25. I don't think anything. I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I am a recovering addict. Everyday is a battle with a voice in my head that hates me and wants me to die, but thanks to medication and lifestyle changes I can lead a pretty decent life. If your struggling with mental illness, I feel for you, I struggled for the better part of my 30 years on this planet. Its not your fault, you aren't the things your brain tells you you are, and I love you. Keep your head up.

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