8 Struggles People With Anxiety Can Relate To

There’s a difference between experiencing anxiety and having an anxiety disorder: feelings of nervousness or restlessness will go away, but sufferers of anxiety disorders get nearly no break from their symptoms. Do you struggle with anxiety every day, but it feels like the people around you don’t understand what you’re going through? Do you feel isolated and alone in your situation? In this video, we’re going to talk about the struggles people with anxiety can relate to, to remind you that you’re not alone and that many other people who are struggling understand what it’s like to deal with an anxiety disorder!

If you relate to this video but you’re not sure about the differences between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder, we also have a video on the differences between anxiety and GAD, Generalize Anxiety Disorder:

Disclaimer: This video is not meant to diagnose or treat any mental illness, but we hope it can be informative and relatable nonetheless.

Writer: Gabrielle LaFrank
Script Editor: Morgan Franz
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Clarisse Lim Xingyi
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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  1. Is anyone here interested in being part of our ambassador team? We have a form on our community post if you want to check it out

  2. I dont like the black zig zag lines at the start of each topic, it causes more anxiety & headaches…give us a calm picture so we can feel calmer & comfort 😌

  3. btw taking meds that help you sleep is really nice especially you have a lot on your mind and sometimes is the only reason I ever get sleep a night

  4. I don't know what to do. I feel like I might have it but I don't know how to tell my mom I'm scared she will like brush it off and embarrass me pls help

  5. Maybe thiss will be a good first step for me. Never thought I was suffering from anxiety but now it's plain as day. No big changes but watching videos has to help. Info can set us free.

  6. "irritable bowel syndrome bit"….
    me: oooooh so that's why i've had dihhareah(jesus how do u spell this damn word) every morning for the past 6 GODDAMN MONTHS

  7. When will I ever stop from imagining the worst scenario of every situation.. When will I ever recover from my sufferings……

  8. A few of these I can relate, I developed anxiety because of asthma, been asthmatic for 5 years. I had lots of improvement using prescribed meds, meditation, exercise, it is now somewhat tolerable and I use meds rarely, but it still limits me. Stay strong warriors.

  9. The one thing that I’m stressed out the most is focusing and study an math test that I’m gather the limit of my mind so much.

  10. the last 1 month ive been a little more anxious than usually and started worrying over the smallest things, now its much more worse and most times i dont even have a reason to worry, its just like the anxious feeling is stuck inside me and i cant do anything to get it away because it will come back eventually. i actually feel relieved if i have to go to school or somewhere else because atleast i dont have to focus on the bad things. i just cant seem to see the positive things in my life, i only focus on the bad things which makes me have a bad mood around everyone and im always irritated and tired. when im lying in bed i think of the worst things that can happen to me, and theyre very unrealistic and i try to tell myself that its never going to happen but i just cant let it go.

    i just had to let it go out me. a little vent. i dont think i have anxiety but i am anxious indeed :’)

  11. I live with anxiety for so long that I don't know how to feel "normal" anymore. I've been taking medications but since the pandemic began, making appointments with psychiatrist is so difficult. Now I don't know what to with myself. My anxiety and panic disorders are so severe that I can't function anymore. I feel like I can't recover any longer. I live in a country where mental health resources are scarcely available and very expensive. I have no strength to beg for prescriptions and appointments to govt hospitals. I don't until how long will I be able to hold through. I don't know how long will I survive with a little to no help from mental health professionals.

    Sorry for venting out here. I'm just so, so tired.

  12. The reason we people who suffer from anxiety are quiet when socialising with others, is because we have too many thoughts at anytime and we are all the time debating with ourselves.

  13. Man pleas help me I’m vomiting 24/7 because of my anxiety and you are making me feel better, any breathing exercises to share?

  14. The whole feeling sick thing is awful. I was at a college retreat and had a panic attack on the last night. I was lying on the bathroom floor and throwing up and on the phone with my Dad all night. I told everyone that I must've eaten something that didn't agree with me because I felt like saying I had a panic attack would make everything worse.

  15. i honestly don't remember what life was like without waking up every day expecting yet another disaster, bad news, or setback.

  16. I dislike how my doctor asked if im struggling with depression or anxiety in front of my mom and i said no bc the lady asked it like it was something to take lightly so i said no and i wanted to break down at that moment but couldn’t bc my mom my little siblings and the nurse was there

  17. My social anxiety hits so bad, I don’t wanna leave home at all, and I don’t wanna talk to people, when I go in public I am always so nervous and wonder if people are looking at me. I don’t wanna get off at stores by myself anymore and sometimes don’t wanna get off at all. It sucks living with this. Sometimes I will even sweat a little being around people I don’t know😞

  18. Anyone else sometimes skips school just because of anxiety?

    Or sometimes, when you are in school, you just have to do a panic attack at some point because of how crowded it is?

    Or you’re being really anxious because you have homework that you didn’t do but you can’t find the energy to do them, so you’re feeling even more anxious?

    Or you struggle to make friends, but once you actually make some, you can’t go out with them because you feel like you can’t be with people, and have no energy left, especially after school?

    Or talk to your friends about your mental health issues and regretting it immediately?

    Or is it just me ;-;

  19. My school works trigger my anxiety that's why I'm having a hard time doing my school works and avoiding it but at the same time afraid of having a failed grade, what to do?

  20. What do I do if I relate to these things but my parents think I'm over reacting and wont take me to a doctor to see if I truly have it?

  21. I'll be honest, I have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD (although that has more so turned into ADD now since I barely feel the hyperactivity part of ADHD anymore) and Autism (namely Asperger's Syndrome). Then, on top of that, I have also been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. All of those mental disorders that I have make it very difficult for me to focus in my classes, be good at writing down lecture notes, being social in general (even though I am already more of an introvert), and (more recently) getting all of my homework done and turned in before their due dates. As I am currently trying to get my Bachelor's degree, the immense amount of homework and other forms of schoolwork I almost always have as well as other stressors has brought me to the point of burnout as I feel as if my mind requires an extended vacation from college with very little to no obligations just so I can get my brain to recover enough so that I can actually focus on my education.

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