8 Signs You’re An Adult Suffering From Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a serious problem that affects many adults. Here are eight signs that you may be suffering from it.
These eight signs correspond to the criteria in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 5th edition.

1. You’re excessively distressed when you anticipate or experience separating from home or important attachment figures.
2. You always fear something bad happening to the person like them getting into a car accident or dying from an illness
3. You worry about something happening to you that would pull you away from your loved one.
4. You refuse to go to essential places like school or work or are reluctant to leave home because of the separation.
5. You’re afraid to be alone or without attachment figures at home or with you.
6. You won’t sleep away from home or go to sleep without having your attachment figure nearby.
7. You have recurrent nightmares about the theme of being separated.
8. You experience distressing physical symptoms like headaches, stomachaches, nausea, or vomiting just from anticipating the separation.

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  1. I feel extremely afraid to leave home and go somewhere where there are too many unknown people. I've always felt insecure without my friends at school or college. Now I'm afraid to attend university as I've got no friends to be with. I also struggle to follow things through. What if I need help with something essential and can't do it infront of someone and then they think I'm wierd?? I hate the feeling of being alone in the middle of a crowd. Even if I go out with a figure, I keep worrying about how am I going to buy something from somewhere, what if I miscount the money and then people notice me as well as laugh at me for being so silly?? Can anyone tell me what this is? it started first when I was taken to school. I used to be so scared that it was difficult to get me in. Is this seperation anxiety with self consciousness? I think I've been suffering from both. Life's getting difficult.

  2. Oh wow. I didn't know this was a thing other people struggled with. My fiance had to tell a volunteer program we were in that I had to be placed with him bc I have separation anxiety. I got so mad at him bc I was so embarrassed he said it like that. Now I know it's true and NOT to feel shame for it. Thank you so much.

  3. I'm 33 and single….Separation anxiety and C-PTSD have been my downfall and I can't seem to keep a relationship….and I'm so lonely….it's lose lose

  4. This stems from childhood for me. My parents left and finally came back and it caused me to always be to detached in my relationships so i dont have to feel that feeling. Later on it often backfires because they think i dont care even though i love them so much, i just dont want my trauma to control me as im healing from it currently. I also had been overly attached in one relationship and because they constantly pulled me and pushed away i just decided to not be to caring because i got taken advantage of. Work in progress.

  5. At 13, I would throw a huge and long tantrum and cry when my mom would go to the store without me, it felt like she would never come back. At 16 I left home( new country) for college and tried to suck it, so while I don’t physically jump and cry any more, I’m still very anxious especially with relationships, if someone I’m talking to doesn’t respond to my text, I feel so bad and sad. I usually can’t sleep until I get a text …oh well

  6. Whooowie when I miss a call from my boyfriend or he’s going out or something and I’m alone for the night my heart immediately starts pounding, I start shaking, I get nauseous 🤢 and I also have a bunch of dreams about us being separated n shit :((

  7. breakup is the reason for my seperation anxiety
    followed by extreme stress, people pleasing,social anxiety,perfectionism and many nasty physical symptons

  8. Me: yeah I can't really leave the house too much bc my dog has social anxiety
    Me after watching this video: OH. Well ig that checks

  9. I think i have this problem but in my case i'm not attached to anyone i'm scared of my own family and i don't have any friends since i was a kid now i'm 20 years old it's really hard for me to leave my house everyday i always sleep with my plushie or hug my pillow and if i didn't do it then i will get nightmares and won't be able to sleep anymore it feels like i need to hug something to make me feel safe so most of the time i will always stay in my bed with my plushies or pillows while hugging them and the touch of a human (like holding hands) is giving me a panic attack or it happen when someone try to touch my things i'm become really obsessed and i will try to protect it no matter how

  10. I’m going through this realisation after a break up from someone who I was really attached to. I exhibited the necessary symptoms of separation anxiety and the lack of patience, support and understanding from the other person made it significantly harder for me and only made my symptoms worse to a violent/tantrum level. Only for her to walk away and give up on me while I’m left here to pick up the pieces and realise why I was doing what I did. Everyday it gets harder and harder.

  11. I love your videos. I appreciate this channel. I'd really love it if you can go more in depth on how to over come social anxiety especially it being "a underrated". Please and thank you Tracy Marks

  12. I've developed a habit of listening to your videos before I drift off to sleep. The recent ad interruptions are not pleasant 🙂

  13. Could you please talk about the set in of agoraphobia during Covid. I have anxiety and depression and since an mri ptsd and cptsd. (Probably those were there before just not as extreme) I’ve asked my partner for help to get out but rather than help they did everything themselves and now I have to get out because I know he’s going to break down. But I have no anchor person to help me. And now i feel like I have to rush and kill my mental health and my body to get where I need to be. It also made me feel gaslit or more unloved when they had there sudden realization of why they were doing everything themselves.

  14. I don’t tend to have separation anxiety with ppl, but with objects. I have ADHD and I NEED my daily fidget tools and if I don’t have them on me, or near me, I feel this sick feeling in my stomach, my hands shake, and I start sweating and even a headache can happen if I don’t have my ADHD tools near me. I know this may not make sense to ppl who don’t have severe ADHD, but to those who do have it, I hope that u can relate to this feeling. I also have separation anxiety if I don’t do a certain activity, like theatre for example. I haven’t been able to do theatre bc of the pandemic, & I feel this emptiness and anxiety and I NEED to do theatre bc it fuels my soul. I hope this makes any kind of sense ☺️

  15. I've been dealing with these since 2017 but I don't want to self diagnosed. I literally cant leave my mom , I'm 22 now Everytime I went to work place I cried because I miss my mom. I hold my tears try not to cry Infront of coworkers cuz that's must be embarrassing if they find out. I just can't leave my mom I need her by my side 24-7. It ruined my 20s I'm scared, I want it to end. I love my mom so much, I can't live without her (and my siblings) other family members too such as my auntie uncles etc, they're everything to me especially my mom and thinking about them when they're sad I'm worry too much about them idc about me , if something happened to them I'll never forgive myself.

  16. I appreciate your professional explanations but I would also appreciate how to resolve it meaning anxiety panic disorder without medication we don’t need medication

  17. I have had separation anxiety for years but never knew that’s what it was until I got Into a relationship with my husband. Even he had it so we rely on each other too much. He died two months ago and left our year a old and I. My separation anxiety has been so bad since his death. It’s hard for me to not have him here or rely on him but I also freak out if our baby isn’t in my sight and afraid of losing him. Nobody understands

  18. Greetings. How does this compare with an empty nest feeling?
    My children have to attend a boarding school. I have gone from a house full of kids to coming home to a quiet, empty, hollow house.

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