8 Signs You Might Have Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by intense feelings of worry and distress in social situations. Do you know how to spot the difference between shyness and social anxiety? It’s very easy to mistake having social anxiety as just being shy. So, here are 8 clear signs you might have social anxiety. We also did a video on differences between shyness and social anxiety before:

Also, as a disclaimer, do not use this video to self diagnosed social anxiety. It’s best to talk to a professional. However, if you’re really looking for help, you can also try online counselling here:

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Writer: Chloe Avenasa
Script editor: Isadora Ho & Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Lesly
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong


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  1. Hi everyone! We released several videos yesterday including one on the types of anxiety (similar to a crash course). Social anxiety disorder was mentioned in the video and many of you asked us to make one on this topic. Here you go! Previous video: https://youtu.be/RuPPRLv_YSw

  2. I can't even make phone calls properly. Legit had a call yesterday for my delivery & the guy had to repeat himself 3 times because my brain fully just shut off. I kept trembling the entire time & stuttering. My chest hurt & I was not breathing properly.

    I dread social interactions, school, phone calls. I can't even be around my own family members without trembling or embarrassing myself in some way. I didn't even know it got this bad. I'm in my room most of the time. on YT or just chilling. Whenever my parents leave to some place & they ask me to go with them, I just don't because my social anxiety makes it so hard (even when I do want to go). I hate this so much. I wish I could live normal again. My country doesn't help either. Also live in a small village. Its sad because my family members don't understand at all.

    sorry this is so long, I just had to rant. I feel so weak & useless. I'm hoping we can all get through this.

  3. My social anxiety and stuttering got worse since schools were closed for 2 years yesterday I had biology class and I stuttered on every fking words in front of everyone

  4. I am uncomfortable around every people except for my mother. Will it be considered as social anxiety disorder? I have every other signs.

  5. Im starting to think that I have social anxiety specially after it pointed out the shortness of breathe, sweaty palm and ect.

  6. Covid-19 has made my life worse. I don’t have social anxiety but I might be getting it. I use to have confidence, but now I’m losing it. One of my biggest problems is shortness of breath, when me and my mom go to a store after 5 minutes I start to lose my breath. I hate going out and all my friends are slowly becoming strangers, keep in mind I’m in 5th grade. I only have one close friend. And I’m so great full for her being there for me.

  7. I just wrote a long essay and erased it cause I was over conscious about my grammar and that people are gonna think I'm faking it and don't really have social anxiety

  8. Wow I relate to every bit. I've been wanting to go and get myself diagnosed but my partner said you don't have anxiety it's just all in your head your just shy that's all. I've known deep down for years something wasn't right Ive been like this since I was 10 years old

  9. They really think I am being such an introvert but not. It's bcs of the people who fake everything and is all nothing BUT lies. It's been too much. No one understands. No I am not basically a depressed kid it's just this is everyone loves me still they never knew. Who would want to think of myself being weirdo and bringing this off my situation in the internet. Yes I'm slowly losing my self-confidence.

  10. I can say I relate to some of these, but not all, my social anxiety has gotten better so I can manage being out in public but I prefer to stay home, locked up in my room to where no one will enter but I do always go out and make a fool of myself infront of my friends.

    Like that one time I was talking to my friend and fell down the stairs because I was walking sideways I got up of course cause it didn’t hurt.
    Or that one time in intermediate when I got high on sugar and stole their fruits and threw it at them.

    Yes I’m an idiot and I don’t care

  11. My biggest one is when I’m getting social anxiety I begin to shiver, I wear big hoodies a lot so I can hide the fact that I’m shivering and so it just looks like I get cold easy

  12. Do I also have social anxiety even if i have all those problems except the 8th one? It's just I Don't know…
    I thought till today that social anxiety must have the 8th symptoms like trembling /heart race/nausea etc. That's why i didn’t think i have this problem… I just thought I'm socially awkward and nothing else… But now idk what am I?😅😅😅

  13. I have social anxiety, it is hard to walk out my front door cause i dont know who is watching me, i dont look at people in the face i dont want to see there facial disappointment, i would rather stay inside. I have a telamed coming up and i dont want to do it, cause that just means i have to look at someone, i dont want to see anyone, im safe at home.

  14. I think i might also have social anxiety i know that feeling very well I was 8 years old when I started feeling like i would faint while i would think about wishing to just die if i was asked to do simple instructions like read a book to the class or say anything to a large group of people i was a very antisocial kid so kids took me as the wired one in the class and that's not the worst of it I would constantly get bullied and called silly name's that weren't even funny and as time progressed i got more into my own space and only having 1 or a max of 4 friends until i got more and more anti-social resulting in me adopting the personality of a introvert I'm now 15 and not much has changed since then except the fact I'm no longer bullied but I still don't like to draw attention even if my own life was on the line i just can't bring myself to do it I also don't like opening up to people and i just have this habit of observing and sometimes overobserving things which is why I can't even eat in front of other people my mom is the only person i can do just that without the felling of having to worry about every move i make no the dinner table.

  15. I never talk in class because i dont dare, but now im wondering if i just stay in the situations where i normally would go to bathroom and talk with my shaking voice and dont give a fu€k what others think. In the end people forget those type of things fast because they are so focused on them selfs too.

  16. I've had a lot of problems with my social anxiety, starting from fifth grade. Once, my friend had this group to work on this breakout thing, and I wanted to be in there group so bad. But the thought of people thinking that I was such a bother, or irritating scared me. So silently cried in my class. Used an excuse that I poked myself in the eye with my hand by accident. Other times, my extroverted friends will have to ask things for me cause I overthink things way to much.

  17. Im not sure if i have social anxiety or not because i feel open and not as stressed as much infront of my two close friends but with literally anyone else I feel awkward, self conscious, and worried of what they will think of me. I do most of these things but only when im not around my close friends. I am an extrovert, idk if that has to do with anything but im not sure if this means i have social anxiety or not.

  18. All…I have all the symptoms…damn, so that was the reason why I couldn't express myself in front of people and I had a friend who was a girl and now I hardly talk with her. Earlier i used to talk frequently her but now I don't even think of approaching her as I feel tooo shy too nervous and she understood that I had this problem of shyness and social anxiety but she never got angry but nowadays i see her talking to a boy in my class also, she doesn't talk to me anymore now..idk what happened and so I do..I don't talk just because she doesn't talk to me. Is there anyone with the same story..

  19. Well how unfortunate for me with my social anxiety hehe…..Also, I agree with The Internet Trash Can. Teachers should be informed before making me feel like the whole class is staring and judging me while doing a simple D.A.R.E project I couldn't even do it without stopping shaking. I couldn't control myself I started shaking like there was an earthquake beneath my feet OMG! so yeah……..

  20. I told my friend a while sgo when it was really bad that I don’t know how to talk to people anymore. He said “at least one of us knows how to talk” good dude

  21. Well, thanks for that. It really helped me a lot ^^ I think that I got social anxiety already 🙂👌

  22. Something that hurts me so much everyday, one day my mother yelled at me because I told her I can't stay more here at the mall I couldn't eat or set on my place I felt I couldn't breath and she said that I ruin it everytime we go out
    I tried to keep it but I couldn't it comes to my mind every time i hate this…
    I don't participate at class at all I hate this I know the answer but I cant raise my hand
    Now I'm 2nd year at uni my grades are getting worse no one even know myy voice!! I want to drop this year cuz idk what to do… this is not the life I want

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