60 Minutes Relaxing Music For Stress Relief and Anxiety, Music for Meditation, Studying and Sleep

Tune into relaxing music for stress relief and peaceful activities such as meditation, sleep and concentration for studying.

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Music Producer: Varad J. Khare
VFX Producer: Kushal Bhujbal
Sound Engineer: Varad J. Khare
Manager (Rajshri Soul): Tushar Pargaonkar
Producer: Neha Barjatya

Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited For more devotional songs

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  1. I pray that God's peace and love fills your heart and minds and brings you comfort when you need it the most.
    1 Peter 5:7 Give all you worries and cares to God,for he cares for you. God bless you💜

  2. I've been having anxiety all day and I was having a panic attack when I first listened to this and it helped a lot. Thank you so much.

  3. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PURPOSE OF A ANXIETY HELP VIDEO with ADS??!?!?!? oh my god. i was in the middle of a crysis, trying to calm down. and a big "fuck you" of an ad roared in my years

  4. So calming! I just posted a guided meditation for anxiety, I would love it you checked it out! Sending healing energy to all!

  5. Unfortunately the ads interrupt the meditation/relaxation, I have to pick up my phone and turn it off. Wish it would come only at the beginning or end of song as I do understand the need to monetize it.

  6. How long do panic attacks usually last? I experienced 3 hours of symptoms last night.
    Sweating, shaking, hyperventilation, palpations, pain in arm and chest. Headache. Dry mouth. Feeling of death and impending doom. I feel very exhausted today 💜

  7. To you reading this right now: Something WONDERFUL is going to happen to you and for you today. Know that all of this right now is temporary. You will , in just a short while, fill yourself with tranquil feelings and lucid dreams. All you need to do is look to God, right now, and pray with me…
    LORD; Give me the strength and clarity of mind to find my purpose and walk the path you've laid out for me. ReInstill in my heart that are a good God and faithful, and you will help me challenge my worries with life-building truth instead of destructive thoughts. I ask that you take these anxious feelings off of me, and carry this away for me. Help me to feel only your peace and pure love wash through me right now and allow me to rest in your serenity. Whatever it is you want me to hear from you speaking through all this, please put it into my heart as I rest. I am so thankful that you are here to be this friend for me. As you hold me right now, I feel Your peace guarding my heart and mind in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

  8. I cry, i feel upset! Down so down! I don't understand my setuation and i realize nalang na makinig ng music na ganito ng ma relax nman ako

  9. And Colleen you once started to open up I heard you but in life is where it matter most. That s true apology and sincere from the heart. I sorry I made you feel sad but remember my plate and well I hope some day you realize the value of real communication good and bad
    It all must come out

  10. And thank you earth angels for this video. Very peaceful and soothing and beautiful Gn media

  11. What causes me anxiety. Prob to be honest a media life. I don’t need a million people watching me each day telling me how I feel and whet I need to do. I always been fine. I gut head on my shoulder s and was raised wth love. I was lucky I learned something in my 62 years and know my path and what I deserve What I really value is jus people that want to be part of my life and tell there story once in while. No judging no controlling no nothing jus be and I said way back 2O22 is for more living turn off the news. Life god by fast. Appreciate everything you git and you will get more. Never happy and complain then you will never have enough. My guru rght on. Set boundaries and stick to truth and live. Now my loved one are afraid to show appreciation I can’t change that but I can enjoy life more one moment at a time
    I am a peace loving Taurus jus trying to live my life and everyone has things to work on at there own pace. I trust the universe and those people trying to escape there prob thru me
    I wish them the best.
    I love people and I speak truth.

  12. My Family abandoned me just because they forcing me to marry to a girl. They don't know that i'm gay and and forcing me to marry the girl they chose. Now they cut everything out of my life like phone-call and family time. I have no family anymore and still fight by working and collect money to move outside my countries and live freely by myself

  13. How thee hell am I supposed to relax with a friggin AD!!! Every min 😡😡😡 .., 🙄🙄 👎🏾

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