6 Supplements That Might Actually Help You

More than half of Americans take a dietary supplement, but the truth is, most people don’t need them. There are, however, a handful of supplements that can be helpful in some situations!

Hosted by: Hank Green

ER visits

supplement paradox
selenium/vitE on prostate cancer

glucosamine combo
calcium & fracture
calcium & osteop

cochrane eyes
AREDS2 2013

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  2. pregnant PEOPLE – no pregnant women- jeez. Babies, in vitro get nourishment etc- not from their PARENT but their mother. This is an overcorrection that I cannot abide

  3. Please don't tout the benefits of 'fortified foods' when you are debunking the effectiveness of supplements…. Fortified = vitamins/minerals added after processing.

    The vitamins and minerals can't both be bad in a pill and then good in milk or cereal. They're just not well absorbed either way. And the reason they are added is because our good supply is nutritionally deficient. So it's actually important to take supplements if you don't have an EXCELLENT diet. And being 'deficient' in a nutrient shouldn't be the only measure of need. You want your levels of nutrition to be on the high side of normal, not the low side. Request nutrient panels from your doctor and then sit and read them together and ask which ones you are low on, research foods high in those nutrients, and take control of your own health!

  4. Nutrient deficiency is widespread in our food when it comes to micronutrients which makes supplements necessary! As far as asking your doctor, that’s a joke. The most you’re likely to get from doing that is a blank stare.

  5. CAN CONFIRM MELATONIN i have delayed sleep disorder and melatonin works great BUT! I take a half dose (more than that actually backfires and gives me insomnia and makes me feel weird the next morning), and I have to take it at a very precise time or it does nothing, so keep in mind you may need to experiment a while to see effects. It is NOT a one-time sleep drug, it is only a tool to help keep your circadian rhythm on track.

  6. Folic acid is bad for you it stops the absorption of folate Into the process of making methyl folate but methyl folate is good.. helps production of neurotransmitters too

  7. Every time Sci Show says "pregnant people" instead of women, I feel a little better about life as a non-binary person. Thank you!

  8. I built a tolerance to melotin. But I also have GAD and MDD so I am always risking serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin causing suicidal thoughts). So like either way I am always tired, stressed and nothing helps

  9. This is so unbelievable!! How can I ever explain to the world that Dr ALUDA on youtube cured my herpes virus . I feel so happy and excited today..

  10. I wouldn't go with to much Nitrates or Nitrites as they are carcinogenic and the worst form it Nitric Oxide so.. it may help in some ways but increase risk of colon cancer.

  11. I ended up with toxic neuropathy from St John's wort. Use with caution; can also cause photosensitivity. But 20 years later, my toes are still damaged, in terms of the nerves.

  12. I expected either one or both of vitamins c and d on here, glad they weren’t though? Learned a lot. Thanks! *Side note: I often watch these awesome sci show videos and wonder who the hell gives them a dislike!? 😆 seriously people, wtf? Lol

  13. Taking saint johns wort alongside passionflower tea and taking cbd completely stopped my intrusive thoughts and helped my depression and anxiety so much.

  14. I thought for sure he'd say collagen supplements. if anything there is good evidence it helps you skin and some that it helps your muscles and joints and even your heart! Tho those aren't as researched so it's only a maybe.

  15. I was so glad calcium and iron were not included! My mother was prescribed to take calcium due to osteoporosis. She ended up over dosing and getting hypercalcemia. This has just caused more issues and her osteoporosis continues to get worse. My experience with iron could have been tragic! As a vegan (20+ years) I have been told multiple times by many well meaning physicians over the years with no iron panel done. I began having many health issues and passed to and from many specialists. It wasn’t until I did my 23 and me health and ancestry for fun that we found out my issue and confirmed by a hematologist and genetic testing. I have hemochromatosis and have been loading high levels of iron over the years. My liver is full of iron. Please have specific tests done while taking supplements to make sure you aren’t damaging your body.

  16. I only prefer taking personalized supplements that are made according to the health needs, the ones from ginihealth are working really fine for me.

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