6 supplement mistakes you might be making

Many women use supplements during menopause to help ease their symptoms. While these can bring many benefits, there are a few pitfalls you should be aware of when it comes to supplements.

This week, I take a look at 6 common mistakes many women make when taking supplements during menopause, such as taking too many and not taking them at the right time.

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  1. Angus Castus (Vitex)
    is not appropriate for women who have stopped menses
    Dr Christophers ‘ ChangeEze caps is..
    Supports the endocrine (hormonal system).
    Affordable quality product. Avail on Amazon
    With a few exceptions herbs (like humans) work best as a team (formula). Not alone
    Sage ( as a tea or/fresh in salads & sandwiches will relieve hot flushes
    Fresh rosemary (The flowering tops are best) taken as a tea, poured over the head/face in the morning after shower &/or hair wash will improve energy, well being, improve digestion.
    Add a pint of the tea to a bath for aches pains & depression
    Also rosemary will remove any GI blockages in liver or GB
    additionally improves brain function and mood
    Also improves vision if used regularly
    Herbs are a 6 to 12 month treatment
    Take 6 days… rest Sundays …repeat
    Enema with 2 ozs catnip tea daily will release congested pockets in the Bowel.
    Also improve quality of sleep
    Menopause is Nature’s way of slowly shutting down our bodies when reproductive cycle is completed Then we return to the spiritual home to which we belong
    Enjoy the beauty in each passing day

  2. Thank you so much for your videos i had a full hysterectomy 3 years ago and tried a lot of different hormones so a year ago I started using natural medicine. Now a month ago I started taking Liv D.tox pills and stroblock pro and i take valerian root with hops flowers on night time I would like your advice on how much magnesium, zinc and if i need to take calcio also. I’m 46 years old

  3. Thank you so much for this. A friend shared this link in my WhatsApp group on health. I'm truly grateful 😊.

  4. I was advised to take a Saffron supplement to help balance hormones alongside Vitamin D3 and digestive enzymes. I have fibroids and noticed they went crazy active when they had calmed down previously. Pain, cramping – when this had calmed down for the past how many months. I stopped taking the saffron and the fibroids have calmed down a bit – still painful. Also anxiety shot up! Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve noticed supplements that affect hormonal levels have too stimulating and negative an impact on my body.

  5. Thanks eleen yeah dr. Prescribed me vitamin d and multivitamin. Beside he said take soi m taking multivitamin is plant based like organic based before I never take any medicine but now no choice

  6. Hi eleen how are you Eleen I m taking women one rain bow multivitamin and vitamin d32000 so women one multivitamin is good during menupose plus I m taking healthy diet like fruits and vegetables so pls let me know multivitamin is good

  7. and alos is it SAFE to take Menopace original along with Primerose Oil and Multivitamins with Iron..I am so terrified because it's been the whole month now of August am bleeding please can youhelp I need some advice what should I do…Thank you so mUch and rely appreciated and so be grateful for your help..

  8. i am in the whole month bleeding now(not too heavy)so am using pads every single day..Is it normal? lots of pain in legs/hips and shoulder and numbing hands, Also is fine taking a MENOPACE original is it ok to take this supplements in perimenopause? Please need your advice.. Thank you so much

  9. Having my libido at 10 on a scale 1-10 my all life, its now a personal tragedy for me once lost due to age hormonal changes.It does not matter what I do, it is not coming back! If I could trade all other 50 plus symptoms for my old sex drive, I would in a heartbeat! I feel like my life is over…And suggestions? Please give me some advice! Thank you!

  10. Eileen what vitamin can i take for dizziness i m dizzy most of the time i m in menopause n my body trembles inside my body at night what can i take for that n i have pain in my wrist hands fingers,toes lower leg n groin. Tell me what i can take?

    I hope to hear from u soon

  11. Bonjour, Could you please advise how many times per year to take supplements? For instance, particular dose with one month duration and how many times per year? Also, it’s important to take vitamin supplements from October to March… So how to manage all that? The vitamins I am going to take – Magnesium B6;B complex; D3+K2; Zinc, Omega 3; Vitamin C (I am aware how to manage)) Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

  12. So so helpful ..thank you! I take omega 3-6-9 is this ok during the peri menopause? And I still take evening primrose

  13. Can I take the magnesium all at once or should I space out the dosage? My sister told me magnesium causes sleepiness, do you think that is so?

  14. I take 5,000 iu of vit d but I have gained weight since I started. Could this actually be causing the weight gain? Also taking Ashwaganda 500 mgs which is an herb. It actually seems to be helping me with constipation and deeper sleep. Are you familiar with Ashwaganda?

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