6 Daily Habits to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

At times, we can feel stress and anxiety reach new levels. You may have felt overwhelmingly stressed that you wouldn’t turn in an assignment on time, or you may have felt an abrupt feeling of anxiety wash over you as you walked over to a class podium for a presentation. Or perhaps your stress and anxiety seem constant and unrelenting. It may be difficult to do seemingly simple tasks all because you’re too overwhelmed by your anxious thoughts and stressful to-do list. Well, to help relieve some of your stress and anxiety, here are some daily habits that can reduce stress and anxiety.

If you want more tips on how to change your life for the better, watch our video on the small things you can do to change your life forever:

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  1. I'm trying to forget I was a TTTE fan because the fandom is as toxic as MLP what would that make me?

  2. At some point I even though of suicide because everything I've done made my heart and my head race like a rat 🥲
    I couldn't and didn't do anything I just sat in my bed all day either sleeping or distracting myself

  3. Me : Mum Today is your lucky day I am going to wash the dishes
    Mum : 🤔🤔👌

    It’s past my bedtime but I had to watch this video 😅😬🙊

  4. Like every step. But I like to lie down and listen to relaxing music. ,It gives me strength for the next day.😄

  5. Whashing dishes, focus on your surroundings

    Me: feels wet food

  6. I went to this channel cause i feel anxious and scared rn
    My jaw won't open properly and my mom's finding a doctor to get me checked up
    But i just can't help but cry rn for some reason
    Cause my mom said "you're prone on having a locked jaw, the doctor might need to inject it"


  7. She’s right about the dishes point. Whenever I wash the dishes I feel a little better, the smoothness of the glass/porcelain, and smell of soap is soothing.

  8. I have anxiety and recently I’ve been having a habit of pulling my hair, can someone suggest any solutions for this? Ik hair loss is normal but idk why I feel worried or anxious every time see a strand of hair.

  9. Meditation is the key to reduce stress. Keep watching Nature's beauty and keep listening to Soulful music. Stay blessed

  10. the reason i always slouch because when i try to sit properly, i seem to have difficulty in breathing and idk why?

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