5 Most OVERRATED Supplements (WASTE OF CASH!)

Fitness supplements can be a tricky topic. While there are a select few bodybuilding supplements to build muscle and improve health/performance (such as protein powders, multivitamins, fish oil, pre-workout and creatine), the true list of supplements that work is quite minimal and the vast majority of so called “muscle building supplements” are simply a waste of money. In today’s video I’ll be going over a list of 5 overrated supplements you probably don’t need. Not all of these are necessarily “supplement scams” (though a few are), but they’re definitely way over hyped for what they are. If you want to gain muscle, lose fat and increase strength while saving money, this is definitely a video you want to watch.

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  2. What about Beta-Alanine to combat Sarcopenia? There is some good research that older people benefit from Beta-Alanine.

  3. Sean, I really respect and love your loyal personality, I was watching one of your videos, and you mentioned Thomas Daluer, I'm asking you what you think of him, because I used to watch him alot thinking he was a solid influencer, but you mentioned him basically In a negative way, I don't have anything against you or Thomas, but if you could elaborate on this, I would appreciate it.

  4. As a plant based person I think herbs are great healers. Tonkat Ali has really helped me to balance out hormones. Vegans have higher levels of shgb than meat eaters which reduces free testosterone. So although various herbs shouldn’t be expected to boost testosterone outside of what your body naturally produces, some of them work very well to make sure the body is balanced which does increase performance at the gym. So I disagree with your statement about herbs. If you mean generic test boosters with multiple ingredients, I agree with that.

  5. I bought Creatine HCL and it is quite literally the most SOUR substance on planet earth. I assume that acid things are sour, which is why citric fruits with citric acid are sour? Either way, it is nearly in-consumable after being mixed in 6-8 oz of water.

  6. I find it perplexing that fish oil is still put in the same category as e.g. creatine. The results are mixed at best.

  7. I buy preworkout ONLY because of itchiness… It kinda "push" me to go set after set to "wear if off" by working out more… Couldn't care less about other ingredients of preworkout.

  8. Not all mass gainers are the same, there are options with low sugars, as well as brands that offer you a fairly considerable protein intake per serving, in this case you only focused on the optimum nutrition mass gainer, do not generalize , since you misinform many people with the power of reach that you have.

  9. Literally every one of this type of supplement videos: These supplements are trash!
    End of videos: BUY MY SUPPLEMENTS!

    Until you've exhausted the benefits of whole foods and a variety of training regimens, Don't. Waste. Your. Money!!!!

  10. Creatine mono always gave me a upset stomach even when I did drink a ton of water. However creatine hlc never gives me an upset stomach.

  11. The only effective fat burners are clen, t3, dnp. These are PEDs and harmful to your body so you gotta weigh out the pros and cons. Other over counter fat burners are trash

  12. Yo Sean, just wanted to say thanks for your great content. Your book "The Truth About Building Muscle" was my handbook when I was just starting out over a decade ago. Learned a ton from you and I'm psyched to see you've got more great stuff to share here.

  13. What about 'ANIMAL Muscle amino powder' ? (It has BCAA and EAA in it together) Any thoughts from someone in the know would be appreciated. I take it before i take Whey protein powder.

  14. Could you please comment on whey protein powders in general, a certain physician on YouTube is stating that these products destroy your liver and should not take them… Also when you talked about making a weight gain shake you said use flaxseed oil? Going down other rabbit holes have told me that that is not real good for your testosterone? Help me stop this madness LOL

  15. What about Beta alanine for endurance. I’m a runner would appreciate a response 👍👍😁😁

  16. Wanted to order his vitamin complex because it unites all the vitamins I read to have significantly health benefit. However the shipping options list such as South Samoa and Åland Islands but no freaking Germany. Is there a reason for this I wonder

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