5 Fat Burner Supplements (That Actually Work!)

These are 5 fat burning supplements that actually work. Most fat burners advertised as weight loss pills or tablets don’t help you burn fat. Also there are a ton of detox fat cutter drinks all over the web that claim to help you reduce body fat without exercise or diet. If you want to see extreme weight loss stop focusing on the diet pills and look for fat burning solutions that help lower your appetite. By eating less and exercising you’ll burn way more fat than you could by using carb blockers, raspberry ketones, or detox smoothies.

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What if all you had to do was take a pill and you could look exactly how you wanted. It might sound ridiculous but stats show that Americans alone spend about $2.1 Billion Dollars a year on weight loss pills, capsules, and soft gels. (3) Unfortunately, the truth is that anyone promising quick and easy fat loss in a bottle is most likely not telling the whole truth. For truly effective and sustainable fat loss, you will have to adopt more of a fit lifestyle by exercising and eating a healthy diet. There’s no way around that, but there are some natural supplements out there that can help reduce your hunger and appetite, increase your metabolism, and help you burn more fat when they’re added to a solid diet and workout plan. And the thing is everyone needs to recognize that there are a lot of supplements that people use that aren’t very natural or can potentially be harmful. For example, a common supplement that’s thought to be relatively harmless is known as CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Even though it’s been used for years CLA is actually a trans fat, and trans fats are not good for people to consume especially for long lengths of time. Many people take CLA on a daily basis not realizing that it can contribute to long-term side effects like fatty liver, insulin resistance, and increased inflammation. So today I want to go over 5 very natural and safe fat burning supplements that you can take that are actually proven to work.

And the first one is Glucomannan. By far the best way to burn more fat is to decrease the number of calories that you eat on a daily basis. However, when you force yourself to eat less and less it becomes harder and harder over time to stick to. So any natural supplement that can help decrease our appetite without us having to forcefully restrict makes fat loss feel a lot easier and more natural. And that’s exactly what Glucomannan does. It’s a type of fiber that comes from a unique looking yam known as the elephant foot yam. Fiber, especially soluble fiber has been shown in multiple studies to fill the stomach and decrease appetite and hunger….

1. “Glucomannan induced bodyweight reduction in healthy overweight subjects, whereas the addition of guar gum and alginate did not seem to cause additional loss of weight.”

2. “At doses of 2-4 g per day,” GM was well-tolerated and “resulted in significant weight loss in overweight and obese individuals.”

3. Americans spend over 2.1 Billion Dollars on weight loss supplements every year

4. “Acute GTE ingestion can increase fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise and can improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in healthy young men”
5. Treatment with the green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in 24-h EE (4%

6. “caffeine/coffee stimulates the metabolic rate in both control and obese individuals”
7. “Caffeinated coffee increased energy expenditure by 16% over 1 2-h period compared with decaffeinated coffee.”

8. “Caffeine ingested 0.5-4 h before a meal may suppress acute energy intake”

9. Decaffeinated Coffee Acutely Decreases Hunger & Increase Satiety:

10. “the ingestion of red pepper decreases appetite and subsequent protein and fat intakes.”

11. “capsaicin plays a critical role in human and has multiple benefits for metabolic health, especially for weight loss in obese individuals”

12. Capscacin increase metabolic rate by activating brown fat cells

13. it may be considered that “capsaicin consumption 1 h before low-intensity exercise” (50% VT(max)) “is a valuable supplement” for the treatment of individuals with hyperlipidemia and/or obesity “because it improves lipolysis without any adverse effects” on the cardiac depolarization and repolarization process.

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  1. Much better breakdown and easier to understand video than the other vids I've watched. Thanks!

  2. I have a question: Do I need to consume this 5 products at the same time to get the results or can I consume one or two at the same time?

  3. carb blockers DO work but you need to use them correctly since they only block a small percentage of carb consumption meaning they're useless for weightless in general but if you're doing keto or limiting carbs as is this will keep you at a more optimum level while you implement OTHER weight loss protocols

  4. i would not reccomend anyone to take green tea extract pills. there is an association with acute liver failure and green tea extract. the liver can't handle that much all at once. stick to 2-3 cups per day of hot green tea instead in my opinion.

  5. I just dumped the rest of my CLA pills. On my shopping list is Glucomannan. But not sure to either put on Green Tea Extract Or Capsaicin pills. Which one would you suggest?

  6. I've taken all this stuff for the last 2 months combined with 10k walking steps a day, and I'm noticing significant fat loss and lean muscle growth. Down from 275 to 265. (I was almost 300 pounds a few years ago. 286-290. (Ex-powerlifter/footballer) This stuff absolutely works if you are active enough and take the supplements far apart from each other, and not all at once if you aren't about to exercise. Also make sure you get some of this stuff naturally from food/drinks. It really kicks your thyroid into gear. I also periodically take Guarana for the caffeine and treating my ADHD in place of the green tea if I don't have any, Vitamin D, Carnitine, fish oil and Yohimbine.

    Max, I feel the best I've felt in 12 years.

    Thank you!

  7. Garcinia Cambogia, CLA, Green Tea, and Grains of Paradise cause liver damage. Avoid them at all costs. Only thing that has worked for me is L-Carnitine. It works wonders taken 45 minutes before working out. Helps your body utilize fat as energy to burn it off and helps you sweat more. Best of all, it’s all natural and good for your heart and brain health.

  8. Well, technically you only need green tea & protein powder.
    You can get your capsaicin by cooking spicy at home with hot peppers etc., drink your coffee (or caffein containing drinks) and for glucomannan eat lots of oat based produce & pasta/rice made from Konjak (which is 100% glucomannan)

  9. guys read about glucomannan its not approved by the FDA and its used primarily for medicinal uses and is a short term oriented supplement

  10. Absolutely, it feels fantastic to be leaner and watch that extra fat melt off each week. Pay attention, there's no fast solution to make this happen, nevertheless being realistic enough, you are likely to reach your own ideal weight within approximately 60 days as long as you go'ogle a strategy like the one recommended in Jennessa Venspurke’s plan.

  11. Hi buddy, nice video. thank you. I've recently seen a video which claims that baking soda improves performance. Please advise, do you agree with this? Are you aware of any clinical studies to support this theory?

  12. L-Carnetine, delmonte Italian style stewed tomatoes. Work great. Also fat burners from dollar General, ended my diabetes. I called a congresswoman, to save medical money, soon they were off the market. Interesring, about how things work, when it comes to saving money for medical costs. They must not really want what works like reader digest said. If we can stop diabetes we would save 300million. Then i repirt those pills and they disappear off the shelves.

  13. Well it looks like im buying Cayenne Pepper Extract or Capsaicin ! I've literally used a bag of CLA for like 60 days straight and saw 0 results.

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