5 Anxiety Coping Strategies You Can Use Right Now [SCIENCE-BACKED]

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Here are 5 anxiety coping strategies you can use right now, straight from psychologists and psychiatrists:

1. How to Use ‘Cognitive Defusion’ to Reduce Anxiety Immediately – Dr. Judy Ho, neuropsychologist
2. How to Improve Home Life During Social Distancing – Dr. Ramani Durvasula, psychologist
3. How to Stay Motivated & Avoid Burnout – Dr. Judy Ho, neuropsychologist
4. How to Help a Child or Teen’s Mental Health – Dr. Ramani Durvasua, psychologist
5. How Helping Someone Else Improves Your Own Depression – Dr. Sue Varma, psychiatrist

It’s also important to realize that so much of the information out there on wellness doesn’t necessarily come from credible sources. MedCircle does the work of sifting through the noise and providing science-based ways to actually improve your mental health. These strategies come straight from world-renowned psychologists and psychiatrists.

Leave a comment below this video with an example of how you can practice one of these strategies. This will help other people think of ways to implement these strategies in their own lives.

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  1. It was not been easy for me but thank God for life today by the help of Dr Ado no YouTube I got rid of Genital herpes after 16 days of using his herbal medicine now I'm cured.

  2. I feel that this advice of looking at a thought not from it is in the persian literature and i have confronted with it earlier.

  3. Why are you making your dog sit up there like that? She obviously doesn’t know why you are talking to a camera. She’s panting, which means she’s either hot or in pain. Love your videos, but this one made me very uncomfortable because you don’t seem to understand what your dog is feeling…

  4. Incredibly distracting watching an obviously uncomfortable dog sit there for what purpose? Why are you insisting on that?
    Hard to buy into your ideas about anxiety when you are completely clueless about how anxious you are making your dog.

  5. Many times lifestyle change can reduce anxiety. The first step shouldn't be here's your medication. You need what I tell my subscribers is a holistic rescue. It means the problems from the past were most likely not solved if they keep coming up in your mind. (former depressive and 80% cured now). First you have to get in your mind that it probably won't be 100% solved–we all carry demons with us–but those who thrive keep them locked away most of the time. But you start with a physical fitness program and clean diet, minimal caffeine, no smoking, minimal alcohol and sugar (note I didn't say give them up totally). Then you get involved in meditative work–15 minutes a day of tai chi, yoga or the like. This keeps you in a state of calm which naturally attracts people and keeps you from flying off the handle and engaging in negativity. And advance your trade or career–always be in a state of advancement, next cert, next class, next try for that promotion. This also feeds your emotional health and physical health feeds both. You will find the anxiety and depression stays minimal if you work on these three planes and when someone is positive, others will be attracted to it. Hope that helps–Charles

  6. Cally would be better if she wasn’t clearly showing signs of discomfort. When I am going to see my psychologist, my service dog either lays beside me or on the floor at my feet. Just thoughts for future videos.

  7. Wow, I didn't realize how achievement-focused I am in my hobbies… I feel like I need to rock climb higher grades, learn really hard exercises, get a large repertoire of recipes, run a marathon without stopping. It's hard for me not to do this kind of thing because then I will feel really unproductive. And I'm too anxious in my professional life to be productive there… fml, great talk tho

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  10. The principal of dealing with stress was good but I didn’t like this man at all, the video constantly flitted back and forth which was annoying but more importantly he treated his dog like a prop and his commands of her infuriated me. Do authoritive which was hard to watch

  11. This isn't healty way to deal with it, but I often throw up to deal with my anxiety. I don't have a eating disorder, but it's the only thing that seems to work for me sometimes.

  12. Always remember, “Stress acts as an accelerator: it will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction."
    ―Chelsea Erieau

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