5 Anxiety Coping Strategies You Can Use Right Now [SCIENCE-BACKED]

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Here are 5 anxiety coping strategies you can use right now, straight from psychologists and psychiatrists:

1. How to Use ‘Cognitive Defusion’ to Reduce Anxiety Immediately – Dr. Judy Ho, neuropsychologist
2. How to Improve Home Life During Social Distancing – Dr. Ramani Durvasula, psychologist
3. How to Stay Motivated & Avoid Burnout – Dr. Judy Ho, neuropsychologist
4. How to Help a Child or Teen’s Mental Health – Dr. Ramani Durvasua, psychologist
5. How Helping Someone Else Improves Your Own Depression – Dr. Sue Varma, psychiatrist

It’s also important to realize that so much of the information out there on wellness doesn’t necessarily come from credible sources. MedCircle does the work of sifting through the noise and providing science-based ways to actually improve your mental health. These strategies come straight from world-renowned psychologists and psychiatrists.

Leave a comment below this video with an example of how you can practice one of these strategies. This will help other people think of ways to implement these strategies in their own lives.

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