4 Ways to Stop an Anxiety Spiral | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Often, we let worrisome thoughts accelerate into a maelstrom of what-ifs until we’re sucked into a vortex of negative thinking. Here, thought leaders like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Brené Brown, Michael Singer and Eckhart Tolle reveal their secrets to stopping anxiety before it spirals out of control. For more on #supersoulsunday, visit WatchOWN.tv/SSS

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4 Ways to Stop an Anxiety Spiral | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


  1. Thanks Oprah!!! I was feeling anxious before bed and I have you five supporting me tonight 🙂

  2. Thanx. Relax and lean away from noise the mind has made.
    Don't resist the moment.
    Be the observer of your mind

  3. Jesus Christ is the only Master and Lord. No need to endorse these fake "spiritual leaders", Don't you understand that this has become a business to turn people away from God? Every week a new "teacher". Obey the word of God according to the Holy Bible and stop sinning in this way you'll have no conflicts, no anxiety and inner peace. You're not God and you can't save yourself, have the humility to acklowledge that and accept yourself a a simple creature

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  6. Brene advocates getting to the root of your negative emotions whilst Michael advocates relaxing and letting it pass. Two completely different approaches.

  7. "Accept this moment as if you had chosen it."💡 You already have. I went to supper with my Godfather last night & prattled on abt how I talk too much. 3 hrs later, he abruptly said: "Ok, Night.", lol.😂 I had the Brene reaction while ALSO understanding Not to Deny, AND was curious:
    Q.: How to detach?
    A. You CHOSE this moment by speaking it into existence repeatedly. (I just didn't think of that as the answer to stop "the story" in my mind!😍) 💗

  8. This is good for reducing the chance of spiraling into depression or even a paranoid state.

    What it does not do is stop a panic attack.

    A panic attack comes out of the blue and says the world is coming to an end even though you KNOW that the situation is good and untouched by disaster.

    I had a panic attack because of paying bills. I had enough money for them, and it was easy to pay each and every one online, but I was gripped with fear and anxiety such that I had to stop paying bills and curl into a ball in order to deal with it.

    The feeling of this was an interminable Hell that probably lasted 5 minutes. Count 300 seconds and see how long that is.

    This is not run – of – the – mill anxiety, but a mental pothole that is very deep, very hard to work out of by yourself. It takes the help of a psychiatrist, medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy or similar.

    It was only after the panic attack passed that I could form a plan.

    And this is where the techniques in the video are useful. Paying the bills was a trigger. It was an event in my life that set off the panic attack. A trigger has no rhyme or reason; it just is. These techniques can help solve the problem of facing the trigger. This time. And each time is different, and there can be a number of triggers, such as the anxiety about when money will get to the bank so I can pay the bills. That's a very real anxiety stressor for anyone.

    I knew the trigger was real and based on legitimate, fear – inducing events. So I took the task of paying bills and broke it down.

    I knew paying bills was a trigger. I also knew that paying bills was a positive thing because I knew I had enough. So I approached the task, saying I will pay one bill. If I can't handle that, I'll stop. If I had to do that with every bill, I would do it. If I had to do it while feeling nothing and thus being a zombie, so be it. It was going to get done, and I would do it.

    Once I got in and paid that bill #1, everything fell into place, and I paid all my bills in succession until they were all paid.

    Ultimately, I faced my anxiety and panic not only by cognitive, dispassionate realization, but by breaking the pattern down into easy little bites and allowing myself to stop when it gets rough.

  9. Interesting… And here I thought I had no problems and I realize Ive always done that through out my life. 😕

  10. This is lunacy. You can't talk your adrenalin level down any more than you can talk your blood sugar down.

  11. It's not that easy. People dont have enough strength on their own. They need to ask Gd for his strength. Only way.

  12. Anxiety and depression are the human shared experience. How we handle it is what separates us. I think if people understood that we are all walking around with different levels of brokenness, people would feel less alone in their suffering. Stop looking at others who appear happy and to have it all, and think they haven’t had suffering or aren’t currently suffering. They are handling it maybe differently than you are – but they are suffering nonetheless. I know women who think everyone else hasn't been through what they've been through and are jealous of others and they've NO idea! None! Because people are smiling and happy and helpful and tolerant and caring and giving doesn't mean they havent been through it. They are all those things BECAUSE and in spite of having "been through it"! I know this – I am one.

  13. Anxiety isn't rational, it's an automatic response of the body as a survival strategy. It's just that we live in an overstimulated world, moving so fast, and as a result experience anxiety too often, which raises our baseline of living from rest to stressed, triggering anxious states of being. The solution is to calm the body in ways , that over time it can learn self regulation and return to a baseline of peace and have resiliency for the next stress. TRE, Energy Tapping, slowed breathe work are all forms of helping the body recover.

  14. What spiral? These vids feed all confusion,coercion ,shunning ,n gas lighting. Even hypochondria! Staying grounded.‼️

  15. I love the 4 questions from The Work from Byron Katie. It is simulair to this information. And I also love Oprah Winfrey, Brené Brown and Eckart Tole.

  16. Oh yeah. Living in unrepaired, dangerous rented housing, things falling off (very heavy wall cupboard fell on my head etc.), lights/switches not working, dangerous electrics, no heating/boiler broken, lots more… then threatened with eviction because I stopped paying the rent thinking that'd make landlord do what he's meant to. Not enough income to pay rent & bills, not got healthcare cover, disabled (brain injury+) & ill (PTSD+) = lost my job, scared of becoming homeless = nightmares & panic attacks… Today loft hatch broke and fell down (onto toilet) and can see holes in roof and filth from attic all over floor and toilet+++. Landlord fixed toilet before but chose to break kitchen tap so it sprays water on me and all around. Landlord lauhed at my predicament: he knows I can't rent another place because no job and nobody wants to rent to me. – plus rents too high (social security money for rent is my only income = can't rent anywhere for 269 euros/month – except social housing, been on list for social housing for years – they 'lost' my original demand… All these are 'toxic thought patterns' and I have to accept all this as though I had chosen it? Get real!

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