396 Hz ❯ Let Go Anxiety, Worries, Deep Subconscious Fears ❯ Relaxing Sound Bath Meditation Music

Soft Musical Sounds generated from Water Droplets and Water passing through a musical pipe to create this sound track. This one is tuned to 396Hz solfeggio frequency. The Frequency associated with Root Chakra also. The music tuned to this frequency helps in removing subconscious fears, worries and anxiety. This helps in activating the Root Chakra Energy center and unblocking this fundamental energy center, thus allowing it to flow freely. When the root chakra unblocks, you will also experience good physical energy and a sense of security. Away from Worries and Anxiety. Hope this music will help. 🙂

Infinite Love and Gratitude.

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  1. I’m so sick of having fkn anxiety!
    It’s crippling and not ok!
    Whyyyyyy just whyyyyyy 😭

  2. Thank you for this! I worry so much! As soon as I listened it felt so unreal! Can’t even explain this lightness through my body
    So grateful I found this

  3. click to let go of anxiety. get bombarded with adverts that add to the infuriation. Dislike the video, leave a shitty comment. And leave. Thanks for nothing cunts

  4. You are important. You are loved. You are wanted. Imagine your lungs are a balloon for me okay? Thru your nose, inhale deeply and slowly, then exhale through your mouth. Do this with your eyes closed and picture something or someone who comforts you. You got this friend.

  5. My anxiety gets so bad that I can’t eat for days, I experience severe nausea and stomach pain. I’ve found that playing this on full blast and laying the speaker on my stomach really helps. 💕

  6. as I watch this video,
    what arises in me,
    is longing and desire…

    and an immense and intense

    ache inside my soul…

    I pray magical blessings

    in the lives of myself

    and my true love (whom I am yet to meet).

    may him and I, both experience magical transformation

    and new levels of enlightenment and bliss…

    and may that lead us to each other, very-very soon!

    and may you, as well, beloved reader, be blessed, too…

  7. I hope this will work I can't stop to worry about climate change and my future I live in constant fear this is so tiring I feel like I won't have a proper future and I can't project myself anymore it's depressing and keep me awake at night

  8. Believe in yourself, you are right where you need to be. There is no reason to rush, there is no reason for shame. Be like water, glide with the tide and you will find your way. You got this.

  9. 👍👍👍 WOW – This Beautiful anti anxiety music Video 🌞🌞🌞 I love this Music so much 😍😍😍 I feel very calming and balancing with it 👍❤❤❤👍 Thank you for this Anti Anxiety Music 🙏 🎵 🙏 🌈🌈🌈

  10. Reading these comments give me so strength that this time will pass soon ,everything happen for reason


  12. I too suffer with great anxiety and the occasional panic attacks. Forgot who or what led me here , as with most of us we are skeptical about anything being able to help us in the time where we think our world is coming to an end. I am glad and very thankful I came and admit this did help briefly. What really set me at ease is reading all these beautiful comments. It brang me to tears to see how many people are going through what I go through. It feels good to know I am not alone ! We got this people!

  13. Hello beautiful soul you can do it believe in yourself god is with you stay positive you are a divine energy a spirit Stay with love and spread love around you

  14. Really and truly wonderful and very effective. Thanks very much🙏✨🌞🧿😘🇨🇦

  15. Crazy how this really works i was feeling really anxious and didn’t know what to do or feel so i put this on and in a few secs i felt normal.

  16. Whatever will be, will be. Go touch the earth, breathe in fresh air, and connect with the sun. Love yourself, take care of your self, and remember that you can only control what you can.

    I have high functioning anxiety and as I begin to exit my 20's, I'm realizing that all aspects of our lives and well beings are interconnection — no one thing is separated.

  17. There is so much anxiety my upper back hurts and I'm not anxious about anything but world peace is that too much to ask for World Peace ?The reason why people don't get along we are being ruled by a bunch of narcissists shape-shifting reptilian humanoids
    and that's a fact

  18. my rose quartz in my left hand, belly breathing connecting the dots w my inhaling and exhaling on an imaginary square in my mind, plus this sound bath definitely helped me so so so much. felt like my world was crumbling down about 30 minutes ago. i promise to anyone going through tough times or anyone who just needs to hear this, it will get better. keep your head up.

  19. It’s working!!! Thank you so much. I’ve been feeling in a battle with my anxiety lately. This helped to let go. 🙏🏼🤍💫 sending love light & healing to all

  20. I didnt believe in this stuff until I tried it out during a panic attack. I swear it was instant relief. Its amazing how the Bible talked about this frequency David would play on the Harp for king saul and the demons instantly left him. Saul had david play the harp everytime he was under distress, I wonder what frequency it was. Music is very powerful guys please be careful not to allow harmful frequencies into your spirit. Alot of bad stuff out there that will make you sick and depressed without even realizing it.

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