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Anxiety can be a severe condition that requires the help of a licensed therapist. People experience it in various ways. No two individuals have the same symptoms when it comes to anxiety or panic.

Some people can’t breathe when they’re anxious, and others feel symptoms in their body like numbness and tingling, some have muscle tightness while others suffer from chronic migraines, which can be debilitating. Anxiety can cause insomnia, persistent worrying, intrusive or even disturbing thoughts that don’t go away.

Anxiety has the potential to impact relationships seriously. Before it gets to that point, it’s essential to address the issues, talk to your loved ones about your anxiety, explain it to them so they can understand what you’re feeling.

It’s crucial to understand how to recognize the signs, learn techniques to cope, and manage this legitimate mental health issue in the future. Remember that anxiety is common and you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. A skilled therapist who specializes in anxiety management can help you create a plan to address your symptoms so you can feel better.

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  1. my parents dont make it any better. when i try to communicate they ALWAYS say “it’s because of your phone” or “you see those things on social media and you want to be like them.” because no, its not my phone at all- they just dont understand..

  2. Berean Study Bible
    Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies.
    John 11:25

  3. I have a speech next week i hate it just thinking about it makes me choked up and cry Im tired and im gonna ask my dad to ask the teachers to let me not do it..because im tired of just keeping it in a bottle i dont wanna do uncomfortable things that im forced to do because school basically its the rules..

  4. I’ve had suspicions of me having anxiety. I am doing online school since covid and haven’t been able to focus at all. Never had that issue in face to face school. I was wondering if me being at home could contribute to that

  5. A back massage and foot massage relaxes your stress.i got one and felt better.also change ur diet drink green juices and drink lots of water.we can do this to feel live again and smile.

  6. Doctor: reach to a medical professional and talk to them about your signs and symptoms.
    Me: Worrying and fearing too much to talk to a professional nearby.

  7. I’m just, having problem controlling my thoughts. And I’m scared. I’m a 11 year old and my mom says I should be worrying at all. But I’m just, acared.

  8. I am more of an independent person that wants one friend that I have adventures out in the wild with. I am only anxious when in public spaces as I am always thinking about what other people think of me.

  9. Lately I’ve been losing consecration in school
    I’m not hungry anymore. I feel sick almost all the time. Thinks too much.

  10. I'm worried about if I should call for help or something, that therapy and yeah.. I mean, is it okay to just leave it untreated?

  11. Who else has anxiety or some type of disorder and have to get a therapist but is too nervous to tell their parents about it because I do 🙁

  12. Oh my god pls can u help me, all of the sympthoms sometimes i really feel it to my self.. what is the home remedy for that? Thank you

  13. John3:16 for God so loved the world he sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins and if u believe in your heart you shall be saved

  14. I suffer from anxiety myself and all I can tell you is that there is help! and you’re not alone!!!!
    My anxiety is pretty severe but it does subside and it doesn’t affect me anymore it does come back unfortunately, but I just dont let my brain play tricks on me!
    accept anxiety and let it put in your mind whatever it wants to put.
    Let it make you think whatever it want you think..
    dont fight it back and it will pass..
    listen to the thought and move on.. go about your day.. keep busy and eventually you will be laughing at all things anxiety tried to make you feel scared of 🙂
    you all will be fine thats all hehe

  15. When you spoke about Fight or Flight, I wonder if you would now include freeze in this section? In my experience I find that I'm so stressed about what I've messed up or successfully executed in the past, that I'll worry about either messing up again or not be able to replicate the success in a situation I'm presently meant to be focusing on. And even looking at the situation from a mile away, I'll end up doing absolutely nothing until it's too late.

  16. I am feeling depressed.. stressful from family.. feeling like living alone.. suicidal tendencies.. can you help me

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