3 Minerals that People over 50 Need to Supplement With

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Questions that will be answered within this video:

– What is a common supplement for those over 50 that most people don’t need?
– What’s the importance of mitochondrial health?
– What are 3 of the best minerals those over 50 should incorporate into their diet?



  1. I'm 50 and very young looking. Trust me, there's no field worth playing at my age. Those chicks are broke, weighed down with kids, baggage or mental problems. Look good at 50 for yourself and keep Betty out of the equation.

  2. You are absolutely right, with age our body starts lacking in essential vitamins. I am in my 30s and I have started taking from now only from personalized supplement brands like ginihealth.

  3. The information in this video and Mr. deLauer's coaching returned me to excellent health. I felt like long haul COVID-19 was killing me. Two anaphylaxis shock events clued me in that COVID-19 caused mitochondria dysfunction and NAD+ deficiency. I am now symptom free.
    Thomas, now that I've lost all of this weight, please do a video on toning up the loose skin.

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  5. Zinc is Good for MEMory & Muscle
    Chromium for Brains & Energy
    Magnesium a Great DeFiciency in our DIET!!!
    Sodium/Potassium Works together!!!

  6. I sure would have liked to hear the whole of the first sentence spoken in this video. It started in the middle of the sentence.

  7. You mentioned that you are "just some guy on the internet who lost a hundred pounds." Your viewers would find you more credible if you showed us the "before" (you lost a hundred pounds) photos. Thanks.

  8. According to studies I've read, though the activities of zinc, magnesium and chromium have a potential association with metabolic syndrome, the only effect between a control group and supplemented group was a drop serum C-reactive protein levels that resulted from supplementing with these. Serum C-reactive protein levels have to do with inflammation. They suggest further study.

  9. My 70 year old mom has been a smoker for most of her life and was diagnosed as having diabetes since she was about 60. She looks a lot older than her age.
    What supplements can I recommend to her
    P.S She said she's not giving up smoking and that she lived her life and is happy. It really pains me to see my mother like this. Her blood sugar is not well controlled because she sneaks candy into her room and doesn't take her meds. Her blood sugar readings are never below 130mg/dl in the morning

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