12 Signs of Anxiety That Often Go Unnoticed

While there are several weird things anxiety causes you to do, some signs of anxiety often go unnoticed. When you think of anxiety disorder, you picture someone sweating, shaking, and worrying. These are some of the more common anxiety symptoms. But there are less-known symptoms as well, which can significantly impact many different parts of your life.

Taking care of your mental health is essential, so don’t ignore any of these signs.


17 Surprising Things That Trigger Anxiety:

How To Stop Worrying – 15 Ways To Deal With Anxiety:

How To Deal With Social Anxiety And Socially Awkward Situations:


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  1. interesting and valuable information! Thank you for this video. I find a lot of these symptoms are the same for those who struggle with food addiction, eating disorders and/or binge eating.

  2. I tired seeking professional help but it costs too much so I suffer in silence sounds crazy I know

  3. Yeah in have all 12 of them and anxiety Rules My Life..im only 13 and im dont wanna Surfer any longer.

  4. Suffered depression for 9 years…
    Now a consultant for mental health and chronic issues
    Each second is pain
    But that's universe expressing itself through human beings

  5. Go for a complete thyroid panel test…tsh
    T4 and t3… specially women
    Avoid sugar completly
    Avoid grians
    High fat diet
    Veg juicing
    Walk for.long hours.
    Cold showers
    Intermittent fasting

  6. None of these symptoms surprised me, I have the majority of them and it's beyond being anxious it's PTSD and organisation is one of my coping strategies

  7. Yeah…add "ghost rider skull" (hot flashes) and waking up in a swimming pool (night sweats) along with all of these (except hoarding… I'm not a hoarder. I actually enjoy throwing things away.) Add all of that up, sprinkle in some severe depression, and you have me. Yes, I am aware I need counseling. Ten years of unrelenting, chronic stress and mental/verbal/emotional abuse does that to a person. No, my hubby is great. It came from my antisocial personality/narcissistic oldest son. It was a nightmare that I still haven't woke up from.

  8. Holy crap…!! All diz damn things happen to me…
    I take Anti anxiety pills but it's still of no use…..
    Attempted 3 suicide attempts and wat not…!!!

  9. Me too suffering from sleepless nights , unnecessary shopping , back pain ,cold feet , n etc but what is the solution to come out of this can anyone suggest me please.

  10. Most of my current illnesses come from and are caused by stress anxiety and for the most part I suffer the majority of symptoms mentioned in your video and although I now recognise this it makes no difference because I literally have no control over it. I wish other people would be a bit more understanding! 😕

  11. My anxiety becomes worse because of covid 19 i always search on google when i feel pain in my body i am scared what would i do

  12. It's pronounced: Ang zy it tee. He leaves out the G. And zy is emphasized in the American pronunciation. ang ZY it tee.

  13. It's really hard to deal with anxiety. I hope people will understand those who are suffering from it. At present, I am fighting for it. We need support and understanding. It's not a joke experiencing anxiety attack. God help us!

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