10 quick anxiety relief techniques

10 quick anxiety relief techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy that are simple coping skills, reduce anxiety fast, and can instantly help you feel more calm.

0:00 – Intro & Disclaimers
1:09 – Get ready to use these skills
1:38 – Get grounded
4:41 – Make friends with your anxiety
6:31 – Change your body’s chemistry
9:12 – Stop fighting your thoughts
13:17 – Opposite action
14:22 – Use a coping skill
17:39 – Do something you love
18:53 – Recharge
19:38 – Remember your why
20:28 – Get help
21:46 – Long term treatment

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  1. Timestamps:
    0:23 – Disclaimers
    1:09 – Get ready to use these skills
    1:38 – #1 Get grounded in the present moment if you experience depersonalization or derealization
    4:41 – #2 Make friends with your anxiety
    6:31 – #3 Change your body’s chemistry
    9:12 – #4 Stop fighting your thoughts
    13:17 – #5 Opposite action
    14:22 – #6 Use a coping skill
    17:39 – #7 -Do something you love
    18:53 – #8 Recharge
    19:38 – #9 Remember your why
    20:28 – #10 Get help
    21:46 – Long term treatment

  2. i feel like im having a heart attack, dificulty breathing like there is something attach to my neck preventing me from breathing, what i do is dipping my face in a bowl with water and ice, it makes me feel better

  3. Im 17, I get anxiety every night almost. And I feel like my chest is heavy and my chest hurts when I breathe in, also feeling weak, lazy, lightheaded, and voices, telling me imma die and stuff, and my mom doesn't help, I miss school from being up all night and she says I do it because I don't wanna go to school but its from my fear of sleep and feelings I get

  4. I’ve been having anxious feelings throughout my body for almost a week since my last panic attack. I am very physically active, eat healthy and so on . This is all new to me and it’s scaring me honestly to the point I feel sick. I need help and I’m scared

  5. I had orientation a few days ago for my new job and I got so anxious for some reason my jaw was numb and my hands could hardly move. And my hands were extremely sweaty

  6. Can you or did you do something on grief. I lost my partner of 27 years. It was sudden and I’m having a horrible time. I can’t stop crying.

  7. I started feeling anxious this year after getting my braces in April I’ve never felt like this before in my life till now

  8. I'm here because my anxiety is so bad that even when I'm in a video game(not limited to), my teeth will chatter and I will shake involuntarily

  9. I cant fix myself i need help ive had a major heart attack before no hostory of pannic attacks but now suddenly i do and nothing helps it is the fear of it happening again bit i camt seem to controll it and i spiral into a pannic attack can someone try to help me figure it out please this is horrible and no way to live

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  11. Thank you so much
    to listen such a helpful and positive thoughts really helps during anxiety
    Me too have this anxiety problem and i know how it make/create difference even if we listen such things

  12. How do you sleep if you’re having anxiety?

    Ever since my 30’s I get this feeling as if I’m going to die or my heart will stop at any minute. Then it becomes hard to breath and I feel my throat or muscles in my face start to close up. Does anyone else have this feeling? It’s triggered by any physical feeling I have that is out of place on my body.

  13. Decades ago a very nice psychologist I was seeing gave me a worry stone. I've carried one in my pocket since. I've also gifted others with one. They seem to be extremely helpful!

  14. Like many of you I'm not anxious 'about' anything specific, or even in specific situations. I'm just anxious all the time and it cycles between awful and fkn intolerable. I found the first 2 techniques useful. Anyone else?

  15. Everything I get anxious My heartbeat rate goes so fast that I can't breathe and It becomes so difficult.

  16. I live with chronic pain and was having anxiety around the treatments that I was/am having. I found meditation music/sounds on YouTube that was helpful to listen to with my earbuds in. Funny side note, the medical staff asked what I was listening to and when I shared they told me that instead of listening through the earbuds I could just play it through the speaker of the phone…… as long as it was good for me because it’ was enjoyable to them as well.

  17. Excellent advice. And Trek can be a cure all. Constant rotation of Trek at my house except for October which I use for horror movies. That's telling… no Trek this month and I'm lost.

  18. Any advise on how to improve memory from prolonged anxiety disorder; i.e: learning new tasks and remembering processes, including algaberic equations. Or not being able to critically think to solve issues.

  19. Hello hello.

    I just had a panic attack (well, let me put a better description, a terrible huge panic attack) and I feel exhausted. I can't help myself not feeling like this, or not thinking give up, hide myself away etc.

    I don't know if anyone is going through something like that, I have a massive deal with chronic depression and anxiety too, and im on my last year of college for graduation.
    The thing is, im feeling that Im losing control, that I will not deal with my obligations, I wont deal with the professors etc

    I asked for help about a year ago, and I'm doing psychotherapy until now. I'm doing a lot better, cause then I told my psychotherapist that I can't control the pressure and all these emotions that fill my head and I was thinking about death, we managed together to slow the things down, and be more focused.

    But some days, I can't stand anything.
    Some days I'm a horrible person in my mind.
    Some days I want to cry, I want to leave everything behind and go as far as I can.

    That's my story. And im writing it down cause I want to see if there is someone else that life is heavy most of the times like it is for me.

    Let me know people about your deal with mental health.
    And when I have another panick of anxiety attack, I will come here and read.

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