10-Minute Meditation For Anxiety

Take a moment and let this guided meditation relieve your anxiety.

Written and Narrated by John Davisi. John is a mindfulness life coach, teacher, and speaker. Check out his mindfulness and meditation sessions at .

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  1. When, at the end of the Meditation, John says "you can open your eyes"… a little voice in my head says "I don't want to" because I am in such a state of comfort, peace and calm. His voice and that music is all I need.

  2. I’m 13, and I’m currently going through the stage of losing my innocence (realizing the world is not everything I’ve been dreaming of) and it’s been causing extremely severe anxiety. I’ve been struggling with death anxiety and health anxiety – and worrying about loved ones too. I haven’t noticed until I watched this video that my body has been extremely tense and locked up. I’m truly thankful I came upon this video – it relieves the edge off my anxiety greatly for short periods of time.

  3. My next step is to rest and get a good nights sleep🙏 thank you for this meditation it was everything I needed to hear to guide me through what I’m going through right now, my family currently has covid and I’m the only one who didn’t get it and I’ve been so anxious about getting it that I haven’t been showering eating drinking water leaving my room absolutely nothing the story I tell myself about covid is that Im going to die but I don’t even have it it definitely brings up very anxious feelings thoughts and fears so my next step in the present moment is to rest so thank you very much for this I appreciate it with all my heart💚🙏

  4. I’m currently a high school senior, and I only have 2 final exams left in order to graduate. I was studying for my math exam for tomorrow and suddenly started crying uncontrollably, wanted to vomit and it was hard for me to breathe. I realized then I was in trouble because I was having and anxiety attack. Lucky me, my friend who is a nurse helped me kindly and gently. All I know is I never want to feel that way ever again. But now I realize, those stressful awful moments will come and now I’m better prepared thanks to this meditation video. I never understood just how powerful it is to acknowledge all those awful emotions instead of trying to ignore them in vain. I loved it how when I saw again the issue that caused me this anxiety attack, it was not as I pictured it anymore. I will be forever thankful. <3

  5. I just did this at work in the office. I tried to not make it obvious to my co-workers but I probably looked like I was sleeping. oops..

  6. Woah. Didn’t notice that it was 10 minutes already. I was that anxious, then this audio helped. Thanks for no ads in the middle

  7. If you’re reading this, know by this time next year you will be much happier with constant work on yourself to heal ❤️🙏❤️ by the grace of God

  8. I am diagnosed with panic disorder & this helps So much , each day is a day I try to improve thoughts and keeping my mind on a positive mindset . Having uncontrollable thoughts of fear of driving and honestly being anxious all the time is draining but there’s light at the end of the tunnel . Stay positive everyone !

  9. why tf everyone complaining about ads or whatever? i found none. none at the start, end or even throughout the video

  10. For those who are taking driving lessons or going to do an exam. trust me if you have anxiety this would work 100% today my lesson was flawless. I’ve experienced what it feels like to drive without being nervous. I was so focus!. Before my stomach was weird like feeling butterflies down there and it was hard. Breathing in and out I felt it!. It slowly went away and I was able to control it. I will use this method. I’ve realize the power of meditation. Don’t let anxiety take over you!.

  11. This was amazing.
    This guy knew exactly what he was talking about and how my train of thought would go and how my mind would try to interfere. Nice. Sat all the way through, breathing, analysing, and even though I don't feel any major difference, my mind is a bit clearer, body lighter and the stress-induced headache gone.
    Every moment that brings us discomfort and unease, is just one small single momemt in the intinite ocean of time. By the time we start to over-analyse it, it is already far gone. Or hasn't even happened yet. So why stress about it?

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